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What means the expression "slave" in accordance to flashes?
I am getting into amateur photography and I am just learning about external flashes for my Digital Camera. Now I already found out what the difference btw an strobe and a bounce flash is (not quite but i have an idea) and now they are talking about slave flashes or something. I'm lost! Can someone help me with my question and has an answer to it?
I appreciate all serious answers. Thank you
A slave flash goes off to add to the main flash. It has a light sensor or a radio receiver (if you have high-end flash units) which sense when the main flash is triggered.

You can buy add-on slave sensors to add to extra flash units to convert any automatic flash unit to a slave.

Bounce flash is just a technique where you press a button on your flash which lets it pivot so you can point it at the ceiling (or sometimes a wall) and bounce the light onto your subject instead of the flash being pointed right at your subject.
What is an Optical Slave and Sync Plug Socket?
I'm looking into purchasing a flash for my Nikon D80. I'm an amateur so I don't need something extremely fancy. The flash I found has great reviews but the biggest complaint is it doesn't have an "Optical Slave." My question is, what is that? Also, what is a sync plug socket? It had a complaint that that feature was not available either. Thank you.
An optical slave is a trigger for the flash from another flash. If you have a slave flash, it fires when another flash fires simultaneously. If the flash doesn't have an slave option, you can buy a module that the camera fits into to fire it. A sync plug socket is a socket that takes a cord which would hook up to the camera somehow, on the D80 it would be via hotshoe adapter (I have a D80). When the camera takes a picture, it tells the hotshoe to flash and with that adapter, essentially tells the flash to fire as well. Not to worry, its not the end of the world. I have several flash units. There are ways around everything. I have hot shoe adapters, sync cords, a wireless unit, optical slave sensors, pretty much everything. The goal in all of it is to have a small totally portable kit so I can fire 2 or 3 flashes at a time without having to plug anything in. So buy stock in Energizer or another battery company. The most important thing is that the flash meters thru the camera lens (TTL). Not even all Nikon flashes do that. I would recommend if you're going to get a flash unit, get something good and get in once. Definitely get something dedicated to Nikon. If you get something like a Nikon SB-600, you'll have it forever. You can add slaves or whatever else later if you need them.
Do men ever get to marry amateur gourmet chefs?
Do men ever get to marry women who are amazing at cooking.Those who can make BBQ brisket, cocktail, any type of meat, sandwiches/paninis, steaks, fish/chicken dishes and desserts such as creme brulee/tiramisu/cheesecake/chocolate mousse. The type of person whomakesfresh jams, cream cheeses and breads.

I think women get these type of men more often. Even if the man is the breadwinner he cooks.

BUT if you look at all food blogs 95% of the owners and responders and one posting recipes and pictures are women not men.

How does this match up?

Even women agree with me

"im married to a chef and youre right. it is usually women who find these type of men."

Are more men cooking these days?
Are women sitting around drinking while men slave away in the kitchen?

"My brother is an amateur gourmet cook who married a woman who burns toast and a girlfriend of mine lived exclusively on tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches before I moved in. Anecdotal evidence suggests that your observation is correct."
My husband is a pastry chef, he's been trained in all aspects of the kitchen and he is awesome. I make toast and cereal, that's about it. I think men are definitely cooking more today and what's nice is, most of them are actually quite good at it!
Is there any proof (other than the bible) that anicent Jews were ever slaves of ancient Egyptians?
I'm a research hobbist and I was delving through ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and history and found no record that Egyptains ever kept Jewish slaves. Now, i'm just an amateur historian here so maybe i'm speaking too soon but this totally rocked my way of thinking. I always just assumed the bible and folklore about this were based on actual events. Does anyone know of any historical documents (other than the Bible and other regelious texts) that says Egyptians kept Jewish slaves?
When the Jewish people first immigrated to Egypt, there was a nothern tribe called the Hyksos that had conquered Egypt earlier and set up a dynasty there. The Egyptians in time revolted and threw these kings out. The Jews, probably considered collaborators with this tribe were treated accordingly. That said, the Jewish history at this time is sparce and quite speculative.
Check this out which varifies the Hyksos connection to the Jews:…

Michael Kelly
Amateur poem would you read this please? ?
To 0007 Bogart man.
He gave me a name one that I did not deserve, he worked it so well everone did serve, he sent all his disciples to a slave they be. They said the killer was I. He worked with movies and he did it with quotes. He said prawns but they were his pawns to me. Nobody is safe from the kaczmanmarsky.

Therefore, he sent a private investigator to be. To the people, he said and it is my right, as he fill is himself with drink for his lonely night as he sends another seagull to flight.

In the dragons lair she hides from him and the one who knows the origins of gin, they taunt her they tease her, the bruises will never leave her, and in the pool, she will swim.

This is one thing we must all learn, that learn that gossip will kill when justice is not served.

“Please do not ignore the judicial system“.
some deep meaning in those words. i wounder how many will understand them
Question about flashes for Nikon?
I am considering buying a CHEAP flash unit. I have seen a dedicated TTL type for my D40, but found a slave unit for around $20.00 USD. My question is which would serve ne better? I am a very novice amateur. Thanks for the advice
Beware of putting old (pre-digital) flashes on your camera. Some have very high trigger voltages....up to 300v. Your camera can only take around 10v and you can permanently damage it.
I know you don't intend to use it on your D40 but if it's in your bag.....…
Which flash unit and slaves would be suitable for the Canon EOS Rebel XT digital camera?
I suppose there has to be some compatibility between those elements
but have no idea which products would fulfill that requirement.
Since I am not a professional photographer but I do not consider myself an amateur either, I need something not too expensive but of some quality. Any ideas, suggestions, comments?
Want to see what I do? go to
You might consider a Metz mecablitz 48 AF-1 dedicated flash, these are fully compatible with your Canon (you have to get the Canon version) and will operate on the camera or using the pop up flash on your camera as a master they will operate as a remote flash, all with full E-TTL metering.

The big advantage with these Metz flashguns is their ability to update their operating system via a USB link to your computer, to make use of any future changes Canon may introduce. (there have already been 2 since the flashguns introduction).

Here is a link to my favorite UK supplier listing this flash (usual disclaimer)

300 wild solders never couldnt hurt it real?
i am iranian and saw a little the "300" movie .
i think it is a big historical lie. iran has a ancient culture and iranian in many century ago didnt attack to another country .what a bout usa ? i think many countries like iraq,afghanistan,vietnam,japan,...
i think the director of this movie isnt that amateur director .i think they are the new rightist and zionism .
iranian dont have slave at all in the history. iranian had written first man rights declaration.iranian king paid money to worker who had built persepolis and didnt have a slave for that.
and i suggest to usurper country that you will see some thing else in the real if you would attack to iran .
you wont be win even by 300 millions solders
and the other thing about iranian face,i suggest you come to iran and see face of iranian men and women and see which of us are beautiful we or you?i dont want to insult amerian people execuse me usa people
an eyewitness (the head of column in pespolis):
i saw that darius the great telling his son "xeraxes the great"
always worship ahuramazda (god) and be monotheist' but dont force other nations to accept to your belief.
dont insult to their opinions and their belief and respect to what they consider it as holy....
always try to build more habitable cities and provide and improve facilities for people's happy life.
I ALSO saw ALEXANDER set fire to perspolis and stole the treasures and.................
Why are sports fans supporting slavery by watching NCAA games?
You really should put the numbers down on paper and compare what coaches, the networks, and shoe companies make to the actual players on the field/court in college. I don't care if you say the players get a free education, most of them could care less and would not have gone to college if they had the choice. Mind you, I don't say all, I say quite a few. Their number one job on campus is sports. If they don't perform, their scholarship is taken away, so it's quite clear what their number one focus is supposed to be.

So even if they get $40-60K in free education and housing, which many could care less about, over 4 years, they make $10-15K a year, which they don't get to enjoy in their pockets, while the NCAA, their coaches, apparel companies, the networks, make millions, even billions off of them. If college football and basketball didn't have Jimmy Clausens, Tebows, Reggie Bush's, Sam Bradfords, John Walls and other future pro athletes playing, do you think anyone would watch? Why is it fair for the NCAA to make billions off these athletes in what is supposed to be an amateur league?

This is slavery. Put the numbers down on paper. Slave masters paid for housing and food too, remember that. I can't understand how people can justify the actions of the NCAA. Their propaganda suckers the viewers by saying, "they get a free education." Sure, they get a free education, which they have to use to find a job, but there are a lot of people, who aren't running up and down the court, that are making millions that will secure their family's futures for years and afford them a life of luxury.

Why is it then, that people howl that when players like Reggie Bush take bribes, it harms the integrity of the games? If you ask me, the athletes are the fall guys for the real crooks, mainly because they are more visible entities.

And if anyone raises the argument about "what the other players on other teams at the college would get paid," maybe it's time you ask yourself why such big money events like men's basketball and football are even associated with universities, instead of having established, separate minor league networks? That would be the fair thing to do.
Your whole story is disproved by a simple one line answer. You cannot be called a slave if you are doing what you love to do.
Photographic equipment required for night time photography of wildlife e.g. nocturnals such as bats?
I am the new owner of a Canon EOS 350D digital slr and a) wanted to know what equipment (preferably make and model numbers maybe indication of price) for the extra equipment I require to photograph bats at night. I am told a flash gun (with slave attachment???) and an infra red trigger? transmitter? I am an amateur and not sure how these things hang together!? Also, I am being quoted silly prices I think. Jessops quoted me £99 for their own brand flash and £249 for a Canon flash? Yet I see Canon "compatible" flash guns on E-Bay for £29.99 ~ I really could use some good advice here so I don't purchase the wrong kit!! Help!!
"Canon "compatible" flash guns on E-Bay for £29.99".

Of course you will not be using one of those! It will likely blow up an EOS camera. Additionally, it will almost certainly NOT have enough power for your application even if it does somehow function without zapping your precious camera.

For best flexibility and compatibility I would opt for the OEM flash if you plan to do much on-camera hotshoe flash work. Less hassle in the long wrong. They are £249 for a reason.

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