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What are some good anal movies with anal creampies that are hetero?
something that isnt gay (no homo movies please) but guy and girl like this
big *** oil pile up
assolicious delicious
baby got back
Thriller - A cruel Picture (aka they call her one eye)
How could they do oral after anal in movies , how can the man even accept it and kisses after ?
How much money will they pay to do that , or do they stop the picture and go washing and get back , or what ??
When I was a young student and simply because of my size, I appeared in a sex movie. It had very little to do with sex. Each scene is filmed over days and nothing is real, it's all like a jig saw puzzle. We macho men had to take Viagra, 3 times a day in some cases. One for me lasted 3 days, they liked me, I was cheap. There is no sex in pornography and my 800 dollar fee cost me my marriage, even though I did the films long before meeting my first wife.. I'm on number four wife now, she thinks I was a virgin.
Has Jenna Jameson ever done anal movies ?
just wondering :/
not with men she hasn't but she has done anal with dildos with other women
My problem I am addicted to watching movies sex and I am 34 years old and is not in my power to stop myself, e?
My problem I am addicted to watching movies sex and I am 34 years old and is not in my power to stop myself, especially anal movies, do you have a solution to the problems of
Now now who told you this is a problem it,s very normal and healthy to watch porn Just go with the flow if you are enjoying your self let it be

" JUMP IN " the water is lovely

Good luck with it
Name some movies with anal sex scenes in it.?
Like big budget movies.
Brokeback Mountain (2005) Dir. Ang Lee
Do woman like anal or is that just in the movies?
anal looks so great in porno but how come woman always deny it
Yes, it is just in the movies. Actually, all women hate all sex. They just do it for the cute babies or for cash to buy things. Seriously - you should reduce your porno intake and go out with a few more real women. If you want "anal" the key is to have a woman like you first, then she will want to do more sexually with you. If you go up to someone you don't know well (and are not paying) and ask, "do you like anal?", most likely you will be back at home with the porno very soon.
Do people really have the kind of wild sex like the porn movies?
I mean, I have been around in my life but I have never seen this stuff in real life. Grop sex, women who are wild and crazy giving oral, swallowing, anal. Is this stuff common or an I missing something?

Do that many married women cheat as these movies make it appear?
Believe it or not, these things do happen daily among real people, not actors. I kn9ow it's hard to believe but it is true.
Forgive me but,i've watched movies of ladies having sex in their anals does anal sex have any bad side effects
I mean like is it healthy or can it cause any problem in future?
loss of constrictor muscle tone at anal opening-big problem,u cant control when u need to poo

rectal mucous membrane tear

if u do it a lot,it will irritate the mucous membrane and chronic irritation may lead to rectal cancer..this is not uncommon.

and yes, all the STDs, u can still get them.

also, irritation may lead to loss of peristaltic tone and get life long constipation.
Do lesbians like anal more than straight girls?
In watching porn it seems to me that lesbians always have a little anal sex in every movie even if it's just *** licking, has anyone else picked up on this?
Porn does not depict real life Most lesbians in porn aren't even lesbians they just do sex acts that guys like to see it doesn't mean that most lesbians are doing it in real life .
I've met a lot of lesbians online and no anal is not very popular with them some of them but not all of them .

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