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Why do i see allot of asian girls on tv are kissing each other or trying to kiss each other?
im not racist but ive been seeing alot of this and i was wondering why nothing is wrong with it but why do they do it ?
Asia does a lot with sexual images. They have contests on tv for tickling, they have school girl image sex on tv, and so on. I think they are just trying to turn men on to get ratings. Maybe some are really gay but I think it is just the turning men on factor that makes them kiss on tv.
What pop-punk band has an Asian male singer and a video w/ girls kissing in a police lineup?
I saw this video at a Fall Out Boy concert recently. Most other videos seemed to be other Fueled By Ramen bands, but I don't think this one is, as none of the bands really look like this one. The singer had longer hair and mostly wore a white dress shirt--there was also a lot of red in the video and girls kissing in various places, but mainly while getting their mugshots taken. I have no idea how the song goes, as there was no sound.
i don't think this is it because the singer isn't Asian, but when you said police lineup i instantly thought of Mayday Parade:
Why does Yahoo home page only show half-white half-Asian guys with full-blooded Asian girls?
Like today, on Jul. 12, 2007, on the Yahoo home page, the "Be a Better Tourist - Top Cameras & Photo Tips" feature shows a pic of an obviously half-Asian guy with a full Asian girl. I've noticed this repeatedly in the past month or so with various lifestyle features. Another one was a pic of a full-Asian girl kissing a half-Asian guy. Hey, Yahoo, are you ashamed of showing beautiful full-blood Asian men? Or, you don't think their features are Western enough, do you? Then, why are you showing full-Asian girls? Oh, I forgot....white guys loooove them!

This company, Yahoo, was founded and is chaired by a Chinese man, Mr. Yang. Oh, I forgot, he can be the behind-the-scene chairman with all the money but you can't show his face for PR purpose because he's full Asian, right? You're pathetic!
Why are there always yehoos (pun intended) who answer valid questions like yours dismissively? They're probably Asian guys living in denial, thinking they're superior to it all. But if you're not a greasy wheel willing to squeak (like many Asians in the U.S.), no one will care about you and the problem will continue.

Yes, there is a discomfort in the mainstream American media (Yahoo carries mostly mainstream news like the AP and Reuters, NY Times) and the leading PR houses with Asian men's features. You're not the only one who's noticed this. Millions of words have been written in discussing this issue on various Asian-American forums & newsgroups all over the web.

That's why you've noticed that pattern over and over again. Or, for example, ads that routinely show Asian girls with white males as a couple but NEVER ads showing Asian men with white girls as a couple. At least, it's exceedingly rare.

That's just the reality of the racism in the U.S. media with regard to Asian men. Same thing in Hollywood and TV. That's why at this point in time, there is not a single Asian male movie star who's not foreign- born. Rick Yune? Oh please. There are a few Asian male TV actors here and there on various series but no one can name their names except die-hard fans of the show! Except to say "Oh, that Korean guy on 'Lost' " or "That Japanese guy on 'Heroes' ".

I think you definitely have a point!
Why do I love asian girls so much?
I think it is because they have very nice legs, well toned back, perfect skin color, beautiful face, intelligent and they are always full of giggles.

I have a vietnamese gf but I still lust after others so much.
How can I stop this? My current gf is not kissing me but the other vietnamese girls flirt with me so much I love them all.
Help me because I have crushes everytime I see an asian girl in short shorts.
i love asian girls too. i drool over them all the time. sorry your gf isnt kissing you maybe you should leave her and pick up another asian girl. you have to do what you need to do. so if she isn't putting out, kick her out.
Why do Asian girls have such bad taste in men?
I saw an Asian couple in this Japanese restaurant today.

man I gotta tell you the guy looked like the nerdiest dude in the world with that typical Asian boy gel hair and geeky glasses and he's skinny as hell. His girl was SO HOT!!!!! WAY TOO HOT for him!!! I was like WTF why would a top notch girl like that be with a nerd like that?

They kissed too damn!! What's wrong with Asian girls?
Haven't you heard? Nerd is the cool thing now.

Maybe it's just his outer appearance but deep down inside he is a wild animal and a beast. You never know. Lets use a professional basketball player for example. Have you seen the phone commercial where Dwayne Wade dress up as a nerd with the typical nerd glasses and outfit, but yet on a basketball court he demolishes his opponents to a pulp? Or what about that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he plays a maid or a mom or whatever the heck it was but yet he still kicked everyone a s s e s and no one can touch him?

Well, I'm just using that as an example of a new breed of nerd guys where they encompasses the looks of a jock and the intelligence of a nerd. The term is called the nerd-jock. Search it up on Google. Basically the nerd-jock is someone who is very athletic in some kind of sports and have the good looks of a jock but yet they are really smart, often times as smart as a nerd. I know I went a little off based on your question but it's only to prove a point that being a nerd is the new cool.

Hey, what girl wouldn't want a nice, caring, respectful, loving, faithful, intelligent and good looking guy?
What if an Asian guy/Hot Latina Girl kissed in public?
I was just curious. What if a Very cute Asian Guy kissed a very hot Latina Girl in Public? Could that bring in Jealousy of the Spanish Boys? Just today, I saw a Spanish guy that just acted so mad in front of the Asian guy after he kissed an extremely gorgeous Latina girl?
I guess it would just be up to them.
Why do i ALWAYS see white guys with asian girls?
I'm just minding my own business at the mall and suddenly i see a little asian lady run up to the Juicy Couture display and then a tall, white guy walks up and they kiss, etc, and then he buys her all of this jewelry.

I guy you not, i see this all of the time. But i never see asian guys with white girls. WHY?
C'est la vie. :P
(Asian Girls Only) In High School What would you like as a first date?
Would you like to go the movies, restaurant, Park, etc? Where would you like to go? What do you want to talk about in a conversation? Do you like guy to complement you on your looks? How do you want a guy to treat you? And how should we kiss if the moment happened? I know these are alot of questions but I just want to know what Asian girls like. Thank you !
Asian, European, Caucasian, African... we're all the same! Not all asians like the same food, interest or personality... if so, everyone would believe the stereotypes. but whatever, i'll answer your question anyway. I'd like to go anywhere fun and exciting (adrenaline junkie). i don't mind the movies every now and then but not for every single date. since you guys are in high school, i wouldn't want to go to a formal restaurant, that's a bit too grown up. something casual would be fine. the person is what makes the date worthwhile and fun. just talk about anything, what interests her and what interest you. can't really plan a date conversation can you? every girl would love a guy to complement her, whether that's looks or personality wise. for me, i wouldn't want him to complement me too much, it'd get embarrassing. every girl wants and deserves to be treated with respect and like she someone who someone cares for. how should you kiss? if the moment is right and there is a mutual attraction, just go for it! there is no right way. ;)

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