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How to make 100% cotton levi's jeans skinnier?
I have two pairs of 100% cotton levis 569 loose fit jeans, one dark blue and the other light blue. I also wear a lot of canvas shoes (ie. vans, converse, etc.) These two don't really mix because i always step on the back and make holes in these expensive *** jeans, so i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to shrink these jeans to make them skinnier. Ps. i can't do the whole sewing method
If they are new then wash them and dry in a hot dryer. 100% cotton shrinks.
Is dressing up in "good '***' jeans" and hooker hair the best way to have a good night out?
cool hooker....not street hooker. That would just be gross and besides I'm fresh out of blue eyeshadow.

You know me...

Blue eyeshadow goes bad with my perfect pasty white guy complexion...

(Love you, girl...)

Just got back online after 8 days of Hell in Houston with no power...

"I'm Back!"
Whenever i see a big *** in jeans i fell to kick it like football so that it breaks into 2.a?
last night i was drunk and i kicked a guy in jeans and then was badly beaten it turning into a obsession?
How should we now? You were drunk when it happened so I wouldn't say it's already an obsession. It must be a drunk thing for you. Has this happened before or was that the first time?
Do they make skinny jeans for heavier people?
im a size 36-38 and like all my friends look so tight in their jeans, and i got these baggy *** jeans from areopostale that look retarded.

and i was wondering if there are jeans out there for people my size?
im not talking about like zero sperm count tight where they are skin tight.

Yes, but please don't wear them. Try straight leg/skinny jeans like these from pacsun.…

Get them in black; it's the most flattering color.
How to make your *** look good in jeans.?
I'm working on my butt exercises, but in the mean time, its there a trick to make your butt look good in jeans?
apple bottoms
Why do men wear skinny jeans?
i mean, i honestly cant see myself fitting in them, if you know what im saying. if you dont, i mean where the heck is the room for my stuff? and how the heck are you supposed to put things in your pockets? and why dont men see that bright colored tight *** jeans thats tighter than their girls arent good looking in the slightest?
I know i hate tight skinny jeans on guys. Its just not right at all i totally agree with you. "room for my stuff" thats pretty funny i have to say, but its true.
Is there a place where i can get stuff to make jeans?
like things to turn basic jeans in to pimp *** jeans
Try your local fabric store or walmart. They usually have all different types of accessories and stuff for clothes.
What kind of jeans should I wear?
I can never find jeans that fit me right. The closest thing I have found is DKNY jeans. They are usually pretty good. My problem is that if the jeans fit my ***, they are HUGE in the leg. If they fit my legs good, well then they are too tight in the ***! My jeans ALWAYS gape in the back. I really hate that. Does anyone know of any good jeans for me?
maybe it because your an alien
I wanna wear skinny jeans, but my family think its weird!?
so i lost some weight over this year and all my jeans are either too big on me or REALLY baggy. baggy jeans are not in and i hate wearing them. i only have one pair of 'fitted' jeans and there the only ones i wear, other than shorts.

i wanna go out and buy some jeans, but i dont wanna buy anything baggy or too big, i want some skinny jeans! but some of my family think its for 'gay' or 'white' people, which isnt that case at all. even if it is, so what? there real judgemental and always in my business. all i wanna do is look nice this year but im not sure how theyll handle it being the way they are, its just jeans! actin like im dating a caveman! >:(

i dont wanna be the only idiot wearing nice american eagle and aeropastle shirts with baggy *** jeans, ya know? lol.

any advice? thanks in advance!
My advice: go with some slim-fitting jeans in a dark wash instead of the kind of skinnies that are extremely tapered and practically skintight in the calves, and your parents probably won't even notice (you can tell them you want to look more pulled together and classier or something along those lines, because baggy looks very casual and not so clean). Understated, well-fitting jeans that don't draw attention to themselves are versatile and look good. Look for the Levi's section in nearby department stores (Macy's usually has a good stock): Levi's 511s are "slim" and 514s are "straight," and both lines are more on trend than baggy jeans without looking like teenybopper emo pants. Try on a pair of each to see how they look and whether they flatter you. If you still long for a pair of skinnier skinnies, a pair of subtly snug jeans will probably help your parents get used to the look, at least.
What is the song that goes all that *** in them jeans can a ***** beat.......?
all that *** in them jeans can a ***** beat can a ***** skeet not the one by woka and roscoe dash
Google the lyrics

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