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Name of popular black male model, with kind of asian eyes?
I'm trying to find the name if a male model. He's black, dark skintone, and these sort of asian type eyes and highish cheekbones. He is musclular and very beautiful and when I saw him he had very very short hair on his head, like a buzzcut/shadow. He's been on TV on fashion type shows a few times I think. Thanks!

He is gorgeous!

This is a link about him:…
What are some ways for a black male model to break into the fashion industry.?
I've been wanting to model since I was 12 and I'm 14 right now, is there any hope for me.
you need to list things like height and maybe a photo so we can see what you look like.
your best bet would be sending photos to a modelling agency.
How to Dress Like a Black Male Model?
I love to wear Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.. I wish I could be a model but Im certain that is never going to happen because I am 5 foot 6 and 19yrs old. I don't really care to be a model, I guess my biggest question is how should i dress... tight pants, shirts, kind of shoes?
It would always be changing. Models are on top of fashion. Get several of the magazines and watch the Bryant Park fashion shows. RL and Lacoste mean your taste is very preppy. So Rockport has a lot of shoes that are brown or black casual shoes, and yet super comfy and look like dressier shoes.

As you are always wearing khakis and a polo shirt, a polo should never be super tight. I'd look up some pictures of Tyson Beckford. He is an excellent representation of how models should dress.
Black Male Model For American Eagle or Aeropostale?
hey i was wondering if there was any possibility for this happening? cause i have a friend who is 16 and black (not like dark, normal brown), and he wants to get into modeling.
Yeah, they have male models in those stores.
Most of then are built, have a square jaw and very good facial bone structure. And usually they have a trimmed line up.
Good luck to your bud.
What is the name of the black male model thats in Toni Braxton "Your Making me High" video?
He is the one that plays the pizza man and the man she chooses at the end
Bryce Wilson…
Whats the black male model with tattoos name who has been on some reailty model show?
i see his face in my mind but i cant think of his name. hes quite famous, great body. tattoos up his arms, models underwear. name may start witha t?
Its Tyson Beckford. He presents Make Me a Supermodel
Whats the best hairstyle for a black male model?
im not a dark-skinned black, more like a caramel
and i also have "Good Hair". (if you will)
Geri-curl or shaven bald.

Answer mine please?;…
Can a Black male model at 5'6'' but 14 years old still model, and is there any chance that I will keep on grow
Will I still grow even if I'm 14 years old, because I need to get to at least 6'0'' Are there anybody who was the same way.
You can model and will probably continue to grow. Best of luck.
Why do black male models have less jobs than other models?
Like this new show Model City, yeah they may be the top black male models in the city but they still don't get as much jobs as white or female models.
Because they're black.
Who's the handsome black male model in the Macy's Christmas commercials I've been seeing?
He has colored eyes and is about 6'2

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