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Who was the blonde girl in Nicholas and Alexandra the movie?
In the movie about the russian revolution, Nicholas and Alexandra, when the tsar and his family got off the train and the people broke down the barriers, who was the blonde girl who got pushed back from the car? And the other girls cried? Was it Anastasia?
Yes played by Fiona Fullerton in the 1971 movie
Would you chose a blonde girl with blue eyes or a brunette with brown eyes?
Guys, who would you chose out of these two girls..?
1) A blonde girl, blue eyes, skinny, has lots of experience with guys, kissed a guy, had sex lots of times.

2) A brunette middle eastern girl, brown eyes, average build, no experience, never kissed a guy, never had sex?

Theyre both 17 btw.
Im not asking you who I should go out with. Im just asking you who YOU would go out with if you had the choice?
What you are looking for sex or an awesome girlfriend? If you are looking for sex, I think number 1 is clearly the best choice. If you are looking for an awesome girlfriend, number 2 might be the better decision.
Jokes:1 How do you make a blonde go nuts?put he in a circlular room and tell her to find a corner
2.How do you kill a blonde?give her a knife and tell her you lover

Blonde Joke
There was a brunette a red head and a blonde stranded on an island.the red head suggested they swim to the city.

So the brunette went first she made it a quarter of the way but then drowned

then the red head went and she made it 3/4 of the way there but drowned

finally the blonde went and made it 1/2 way but was tired and swam back to the island.

If your smart you'll get the joke
I always thought you killed a Blonde by throwing a mirror in a pool and telling her her hair was messed up!?
Who is the main charecter blonde girl in scary movie 4?
I was just wondering who was the blonde girl (she is dumb and is the main charecter) in scary movie 4?
her real name is Anna farris and her stage name is sindey I don't know her last name though I think its presscott
What was the 80s music video that had a blonde girl as the star with a planet/outer space theme?
I heard this song in the gym the other day and it's bothering me that I can't remember what it was. It's a pop song with a male lead singer, and I remember the video as a guy. It had a blonde girl with, i think, straight hair and she was being pursued or chased in the video, and at some point there are planets spinning in the background or something and it's pretty surreal. My details could be wrong as it was a good 25 or so years ago!
Maybe it's "Take On Me" by A-Ha?
What is the name of the blonde walk on girl in the Darts world cup?
There are two walk on girls in this years darts world cup, what is the name of the blonde girl?
She was in the world championships last year.
Nothing to be found , sorry,.
Who is the blonde girl in the Maxoderm commercials?
Who is the blonde girl in the maxoderm commercials? Not the one in the suit, but the one hanging with the guy.
Wendy Jo?
Who was that blonde girl from the movie Get Smart?
At the party in russia when he asked that girl to dance and she said "I dont think so" and than he danced with that fat lady. What is the name of the blonde girl?
the pu ssy
A book where a blonde girl brags about stealing a watermelon from a store?
My friend says I remind her of a character from a book that she read, but she doesn't know which book it is.

The girl in the book is blonde, sort of a junkie, underweight and really sarcastic.

All my friend remembers about the book is that she bragged about walking into a store wearing a tank top and a skirt and nothing else and walking out with a watermelon.

I know that'snot much to go by, but she says the girl in the book is pretty much me, and I want to read it and see for myself.
If no one comes up with the title here you might want to try out this website:

It's a good book search site. You give them all the info you have (like plot details, character names) on the book you're looking for, and they'll do their best to find the title for you. Try them, they're a totally free service.

Good luck in your book search and happy reading! :-)
What's the name of the Christmas movie with the little blonde girl living in a hotel?
It's a Christmas movie about a blonde girl that is around 8 years old maybe? She lives in a hotel because her mom is a famous actress and lives with her nanny. She always pulls pranks on the staff and she always says the word, 'divine" At the end of the movie her famous mom comes home. Does anyone know the name of the movie?
eloise at the plaza
love that movie :)

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