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Why is it that women who wear tight spandex without covering their butt are considered "sluts" or "trashy"?
Recently, a female acquaintance(Kate) of mine was dressed like this, in black, ultra-tight spandex, and her top wasn't long enough to cover her behind(obviously, this was intentional). She is very attractive, has an amazing figure and her butt is incredible. I think she was trying to flirt with me or some other guy when I saw her that day at her business; she even bent over a few times when she had her back turned on me. I don't think I have ever seen anything as amazing as her butt, though didn't say anything to her about it.

Anyway, I told some male friends about her and they were saying that the she's a "slut" and to "have fun with her". My female friends were much more negative, saying this spandex woman is a total "slut", a "whore", has "no class", and is just "trash", so don't even flirt with "trash" like that they tell me. One female friend of mine even got red in the face with anger over how other women could dress like this, how they can be so "trashy", almost acting like the spandex woman killed someone.

Why is this considered so slutty or trashy, or a fashion crime? If a woman with an incredibly beautiful face doesn't cover her face in public, does this make her "trashy" or "slutty" in any part of the world outside of Saudi Arabia? Why are so many women who wear make up and flaunt themselves in other ways, so judgmental when it comes to how other women show off their behinds? It's almost like they would prefer Islamic law from the waist down. Or is it just jealousy?
slut or not, this girl was just looking for attention and either she knew she could get it from you and was enjoying it, or else maybe she was interested in you and trying to attract your eye for that reason. Either way it was totally for attention. Which is what all girls really want. Your other friends are just jealous. So do what you want. Just don't get aids
Why do we as white women have a rep for being sluts?
C'mon just because we like to have a little fun and try out different people and different things in life that doesnt make us a slut does it? I must admit i have gotten drunk a couple of times and woke up butt naked sometimes with about 7 men passed around me but that doesnt make me a whore! I mean we just like to have fun and party wild without being called whores and sluts!
That happens
Does it make me a slut if I let a guy grab my butt?
Ok so i'm in High school and I'm a freshi. I have lots of guy friends and always give them hugs and one guy grabed my butt and I didn't get mad at him but kinda smiled but i was just joking around. The next day i saw him i got dress up for something in world geo and he like grabed my butt again so i grabbed his butt to is that slutty?
Maybe a bit more than you should be doing in school. But not slutty.

Keep in mind that when he grabbed your butt he was NOT "grabbing" your butt but was rather "feeling" your butt and he was taking a liberty with you. But then you didn't object and so what's next? Your crotch? Your breasts? You have certainly let him know it's okay to do it like that with you so what's to keep him from not going further with it?

Would you let him feel your butt if your Mom or Dad was present? If not, then you probably shouldn't in school where the wrong person might see it and report it and cause your parents to be informed about it too.

School is for school. Wanna feel each other up? Do it after school, off school grounds if you want.

Slutty would be something you would allow everyone and anyone to do to you or that you would do for everyone or anyone not just one guy. Allowing one guy to do that is really no more than normal when you are trying to get with that person or are with that person.
Is it okay to like my slut butt ex boyfriend, or how do I get over him? ?
This guy I was going out with turned out to be a big slut. He said he doesn't like me because I don't put out enough for him and I'm too much of a "goody goody". But I like him a lot...what should I do?
Well u shld redate him sleep with him be a slut for him fall in love!!(: jk get over him and move on mofo take a duck to china or find a baffalo with a seat belt but dnt forget pepsi
Why do parents think it is cute to dress their daughters like little sluts?
I am tired of seeing little 10 year old girls looking like they are hookers! I saw a girl today with her mom in a pair of short shorts with the words juicy written across her butt! The mom should have just let her wear something that said "sperm dumpster" or "insert it here". Why do people think this is cute? I personally think it is disgusting! My daughter is 6 and if at 10 she asked me to wear something like that I would laugh in her face. What do you all think?
Yeah! I agree with you. And everyone wonders what is wrong with todays youth??? HMMMM I can't imagine! And that little girl hasn't a clue. The other thing that bothers me the most is all the pedifiles that love to look at those girls that dress like that. That guy is a walking target. Why don't parents use their brains. Your not alone and I agree with you 100%.
How do guys want a girl to react when he smacks her butt?
im in high school and guys smack/tap my butt.
sometimes you like it because it makes you feel like you are attractive and that makes you feel good, but then i don't want to look like a slut and look easy.
what kinds of reaction are guys lookin for when they do it? do they want you to smile and laugh it off, kind of just grin, or get mad. please help
Just punch 'em in the face. Then they'll learn their lesson not to touch you again. Make it harder.
Why do most girls in my class dress like sluts?
I mean, their boobs are hanging out and their butt cracks are showing. I don't try to look but it sooo noticeable and I want to know why they dress like that.
girls just want to get attention from the boys.
but theyre attracting the wrong kind of attention and will be known as objects in guys' eyes, nothing more.
Is anyone else sick of low-rise jeans? Why do my fellow women like showing their butt cracks?
Okay, when will this trend die? I HATE being afraid to bend over or sit down because I'll end up mooning everybody. And guys, doesn't it give you the impression that a woman is a slut when she chooses to advertise her thong and/or butt crack all over the place? Is it COOL to be a slut now?

Personally, I think it's just trashy. What do you guys think?
Guys seem to love it and thats what keeps woman wearing them i guess!
What to wear if you have a big butt but a small chest?
well I have a semi-formal coming up and I want to wear a sun dress. I have a big butt so every time I wear something loose at the bottom it doesn't look right. At the same time it looks perfect at the top. I also don't want to wear something tight because I don't want to look like a slut. Any suggestions?
A rouched-type dress goes well on pear-shaped girls.

A dress that resembles a pencil-skirt at the bottom is also very flattering and highlights your nice curves in a classy way (If the dress is an appropriate length, of course!)
How can I get my boyfriend to touch my butt (answers from mostly guys please)?
Okay, so I know I sound like a slut asking this.. But I'm not one. I just always feel when my boyfriend has his hands around me he slides them down but he won't touch my butt because i think he freaks out thinking i wont let him.. So I really would like to know how to get him to..Thanks
You could put his hands there for him ..........Katie :-)

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