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Why are there ZZZ's when someone is sleeping, in cartoons and comic books?
I always thought about this but I remembered just now.
Does it have something to do with the sleeping sound?
Does it make any sense at all? Or are just some random letters?

A pig makes a sound and we call it "oink".
A clock makes a "tick tock" sound.
When we snore, the sound would be considered as "zzzz".

In comics, when a character is sleeping - it is shown by the 'zzz''s that are above the characters head. However, when a character is snoring - it is illustrated by capital 'ZZZ''s and often a lot of them. It's just an easy way to communicate the fact that someone is either alseep or snoring.
Where can I find cartoon people sleeping?
I would like a website where i can find cartoon people sleeping preferably female cartoons though...thanks i really appreciate it i need it soon though
clip art in Microsoft Word.
Why do, in cartoons, when a character is sleeping the artists' draw of Z's?
Because in cartoons, when characters are sleeping, Z's are like coming out of them? like the one in this picture: . Because when I think of Z's, I think of like a bee, but I asked my friends and they said that when they thought of Z's they thought of someone sleeping.
American cartoon comics have a long tradition of using a Z or Z's to denote snoring or sleeping (… . From this comes the phrase "catching some z's" meaning to get some sleep.

This begs the question, "how did z's come to represent sleep in comics?". I haven't found any research to answer that, but my own supposition is that it derives from the sound of snoring with it's regular coarse vibration inspiring the common metaphor of "sawing logs" in ones sleep. The 'Z' represent the tooth pattern of a saw or the saw-tooth sound wave corresponding to the sound of snoring.
On cartoons why do they put 'zzz' for them sleeping?
On cartoons/comics etc. When the characters sleeping, why do they represent it as 'ZZZZ', when people don't make that noise when there sleeping??

Random question i know but i thought of it the other day while watching a cartoon thing lol

Thats a convention that goes back at least to the earliest days of newspaper comic strips and may have even appeared in editorial and political cartoons even earlier. No other letter of the alphabet, with the possible excepting of "x," approximates the sound of snoring. Basically, the convention is a shorthand system and it has one advantage that also allows it to be used in pantomine strips, which have always tended to be international, using "Z Z Z" to represent snoring works just as well in any language that uses a Z as it does in English.
How did the letter 'Z' become associated with sleeping?
You know how in cartoons, whenever a character is sleeping, "Zzzzzz" floats above their head or comes out of their mouth? Why, how, and where did it originate?
The wikipedia page says it is onomatopaeic for snoring.
Why do we use Z's when we are depicting someone sleeping?
A couple of examples: "He's catching some z's"
and in cartoons when a character is sleeping there are floating Z's above him/her.

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