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Fat Vagina?
My friends vagina is a little to plump, can she get liposuction on it?
why the hell she wants liposuction on it for, men can't get enough of that! they don't like it small and dry, they like it big and wet, I'm not trying to be nasty, but i'm just sayin!
How can i get rid of a fat vagina?
when i wear bodycon skirts i get a lump wear the top of my fanny is.
Im a size 8, im slim and not fat.. but i have a fatty lump above the lips of my vagina!
im quite embaressed about it, and when i wear a bikin my friends always make comments about it
is this normal?
do guys like a fat vagina?
this is called your "Mons" and it's normal to have one, on slim women it's often more obvious as it's not hidden in the fat.
Guys just love any vagina, no guy is going to not like you because you have a larger mons.
Fat vagina?
the "lips" are kind of big. and the top part that the pubes grow on is kind of big and fatty. what can i do to make it "smaller"?
body fat reduction is the only way
Is it true that when a girl loses weight, her vagina fat decreases?
I have 2 other questions:
- Do boys like fat vaginas or..?
- Is it true that when a girl has a gap between her legs that means that she has a fat vagina?

I know, these questions are very random, but i need to know. And I am 15.
Thank you.
Well for your first question boys just like vagina's if he likes you enough to want to see your vagina he's not gonna care what it looks like.

As for the gap between a woman's legs, it has nothing to do with your vagina really its how thin your inner thighs are that creates the gap. I do know that men find that attractive because it makes it easier to see your vagina which obviously boys like. In japan i herd its common for women to have liposuction on their inner thighs to make a 2 in gap between their legs because men think its sexy.
If you have a fat vagina on the outside, does it mean you have a loose vagina?
I'm a virgin and my vagina is fat. ):
no need to be sad about a fat vagina that's an amazing thing. men love that. .as long as its clean
How can i get rid of vagina fat?
i am only 16 im not that fat but my vagina is really fat. How can i get rid of it?
You seem to have puffy outside. Some guys love it. Its baby fat that does not go away.

When you masturbating, try rubbing the area and the heat will eventually dissolve the fat around that area. You could also try horseback riding.
What causes the vagina to become fat?
My mound is excessively fat. I am a heavy set person and over the years the mound of my vagina has gotten fatter.
If you are worried about it then lose some weight. When you have a fatty body it is all over your body, no just in certain spots. Wouldn't it be odd if you only gained weight in your right foot?
This is embarressing for me, well i will be straight to the point, i have a fatty FAT VAGINA AND DONT LIKE MY?
partner seeing me in my knickers let alone undressed, or when we have sex. but i have three roles of fat belly followed by a more than a handful of fat vagina, i have dieted in the past but it still remained this horrible fat shapeless mass of fat. im so embarresed. is this common for a vagina to look like this after guyren, or in general. if i went to the doctor would he just laugh and think me sill and stupid, what can i do about this.
First of all you do not have anything to be embarrassed about. If your partner didn't like you for who you are he wouldn't be your partner. You need to be comfortable with you above all else. If you really are uncomfortable about how everything looks go and see a plastic surgeon or your personal doctor and discuss with them your options. Your doctor will not think you are off your rocker. I am sure it is more common than you think.
My doctor told me to insert plain full fat yogurt into my vagina to fight a yeast infection, does this work?
My doctor told me to insert plain full fat yogurt into my vagina to fight a yeast infection, does this work? She told me to leave it in the entire night; is this true?
An old remedy... It does work, because the very contents of the yogurt help change the pH value of the vagina - shifting it toward acidity (loss of acidity and pH value shifting towards base values was probably the thing that allowed for the yeast infection to "bloom"). Acidity is the main quality of the secretions lining the walls of the vagina. It helps prevent colpitis (infections of the vagina) of different causes - especially Candidiasis (yeast infection).
How do i get rid of my fat vagina?
I'm 18 and ive always been a big girl I suppose over the years as i grew it as well grew and just the oher day i really actually noticed it. i dont want surgery so how can i get rid of it?
as well how do i get rid of my double chin?
love -the fat guy

lose weight?

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