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What is the best lesbian forced foot fetish video you've seen?
Does anyone know a lesbian slave foot worship video with a back-story in which the slave is FORCED to lick/smell feet?
Um ... .
If you were forced to, would you french kiss Gilbert Gottfried or a lesbian Rosie O'Donnell?
If you were forced to, would you french kiss Gilbert Gottfried or a lesbian Rosie O'Donnell?

IF you were FORCED to.
Well if I was forced then I have no choice but to french one of them. Your choices are hideous. I am not a lesbian so I guess I would have to do Gilbert Gottfried.
I thought gay people weren't allowed in the USA military.... but this lesbian is forced to?
A women was outed and physical attacked and threatened for being lesbian. She asked if she could be discharged but she was refused because they are short on people for Afghanistan. This is a joke what happened to DADT? seems like they only use it when it suits them .…
The govt. is trying to oust that rule so that more people can join the army. I suppose that by doing this to the lesbian officer, they are proving that they are trying to get rid of DADT.
POLL: (Men ONLY- unless you're lesbian) If you were forced for life, who would you rather bang & why?
1. Snooki from Jersey Shore.

2. Linsey Lohan in jail.

3. Wendy Williams.

4. Amy Whinehouse

5. Miley Cyrus.

6. Your naked grandmother who has AIDS.

7. The most ugliest woman in the world.
Miley Cyrus because shes the best choice out of all of the other ones.
Should Sperm Donors Be Forced To Assist Financially When Lesbian Parents Split Up...?
Do you agree it is right for this man to *ahem* cough up?…

A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple have two guyren is now being forced to pay thousands of pounds for their upbringing, he said.

Andy Bathie, 37, agreed to assist Sharon and Terri Arnold - who were united in a religious blessing ceremony - after they assured him he would have no involvement in raising the boy and girl.

But after the couple slit up he was tracked down by the Guy Support Agency and forced to make regular maintenance payments.

Mr Bathie, a fireman from Enfield, north London, said the financial burden was preventing him from starting his own family.
Of course not. The man was a doner of some sperm which helped to create a baby for another couple.
There should really be some rules in place about sperm donation and the rights of the doner should be laid out before anyone else gets caught.

If I was donated bone marrow or the like and my body rejected it, should the doner pay my legal costs?
What percentage of the women in the Air force are lesbian? ?
and what is the percentage of girls overall?
My guess is 10% with another 5% being bi but this is only a guess.
Are the gay/lesbian/bi guys at your school accepted for the most part?
At my school, nobody could really care about anybody's sexuality, there are the homophobes but nobody really likes them because they're always bitter. I know at some schools gay/lesbian/bi guys are forced to go through hell everyday.
I'm straight but I have a lot of gay/lesbian/bi friends, I don't see them any differently from anybody else.
There is a club thing at my school just for bisexual, homosexual, transgender, and whatever guys, and guys who would like to learn more about it. My school is really accepting in ways like that, and I like that. I know of some guys at my school who are openly into the same gender, and it doesn't bother me. I've never seen anyone pick on them, either. A guy in my English class in grade eleven wrote a poem thing about being made fun of for being bisexual, and no one ever picked on him for it (I don't know who made fun of him for it, or when and where). They just treated them the way they had before. So people at my school seem to be fine with it. I'm sure there are people who find it wrong, but no one has picked on anyone for being attracted to the same gender from my knowledge. I'm completely fine with bisexuality and homosexuality, transgender people, and so on, and would stand up for someone if they were being picked on because of their sexuality or because they identified as the opposite gender or anything like that. People are who they are and, if no one is getting hurt because of it, I believe people should feel free to be who they are without feeling endangered or disliked.
Hopelessly in love with my lesbian girlfriend...forced apart by her parents because of age?
i deeply love her! ok please dont leave anything negative! we are 13 and my girl friend who lives in another state was seperated from me. i made her a website and her mom saw it and got mad. then she saw my number on her fphone. she called my gf a dyke, deleated my number, is mad at me, hacked her myspace and pretended to be my gf, but i noticed it wasnt her. we deveopd a secret password that i can answer and only that, but her mom took her phone away, and i dont know what to do. i need to talk to her, but i deleated her off my myspace to avoid her mother. and now i cant find it because its secret, hidden form ehr mother and its not under her!!!!

I'm 16, my gf is 16, we have also been split but we talk online nearly every night so it isnt much of a problem , but i know wot ur goin throuught from when my gf has been grounded and hasnt made any contact. A good idea would b to try n find ur gf and have her make her an I'M account, my mum knew i had msn already so i decided to make it on a I'Min programme which she didnt know much about like yahoo messenger, you can then contact each other on there and also when your gf is alone u can always call her. it's hard i know but hang in there :) if u love her ull wait and if ur gf loves u she will wait. if me and my gf can do it from different continents u can do it from a state :) everythin will work out ! GOOD LUCK !

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