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Where could i find free famous cartoons sex videos?
by famous i mean the ones on nick, disney, cartoonnetwork, ect.
I initially suggest going to and use that as an access portal to what you seek
Subliminal messages in Disney cartoon classics?
My friends and I were sitting around the other night talking about random things, and subliminal messages in the cartoon Disney Classics came up as one of the things we talked about. It was really bugging us what each one had, because it's said that all the cartoon classics have them, or at least most of them.

I was wondering if anyone knew any of them ...

The Ones We Know:

The Little Mermaid: Penis Tower, Naked Ariel in shark chasing scene, Donal and Goofy in the corner of the screen at the show or whatever it was, and the priest pops a *****.

The Lion King: The leaves or the dandelion seeds or whatever they are spell out sex.

The Rescuers: The picture of the naked lady in the window

Aladdin: All Good Teens Take Their Clothes Off <-- turn up your volume for that

Alice in Wonderland: Drug use. Caterpillar and a Hooke (sp?), shrooms, etc ...

Pinocchio: Tons of swearing, though this doesn't count as subliminal, the puppet master, or whom ever it is that is at the place where Pinocchio goes is a guy molester.

Ones We DON'T Know (info will be filled in as we go along) :

Beauty And The Beast

Hunchback of Notre Dame

101 Dalmatians

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Cinderella - Lucifer is the cats name ... does that really count?

Lady and the Tramp

Fox and the Hound

Sword in the Stone




Fun and Fancy Free


Possibly any other that you know of that aren't listed here? Please let me know.

Also, everyone knows about Wizard Of Oz. x3

I think that in the scene where the dogs are all in the old manor (101 dalmations), one puppy answers "there are 99 of us puppies."

But then the scene shifts to a group of 15 puppies, all of whom have collars; I've heard that one of the dogs says "we never counted them."

So in reality, there are 15 extra puppies that were never accounted for, bringing the total to 116 dalmations, not 101. Rewatch the movie...cause I'm not too sure, I read it somewhere, and when I try to remember, I think I do remember that scene.

I think that in Lady and the tramp, in the spaghetti scene, I've heard there is a freezeframe of a"enjoying herself."

That's all of the other ones I've heard of...

But the Aladdin one, I don't believe in too much...seeing as...when I heard the clip, I heard "come on, kitty.. could...tee...nugr..take their (and then something mumbled)

And Alice in Wonderland...well, since the story was first written in the 1800s, it has been like...critiziced sort of, with people claiming a direct reference to drugs.

The little mermaid's are like...excuseable, though, because the penis tower is like...doesn't even look that much like a penis, unless you want it to. And the priests...thing is like...nothing to cry about.

Here's one, that isn't subliminal but still:

The Movie "Dumbo," you know the flying elephant thing, well, remember those black crows? The movie was released during the Jim Crow Laws...and...the black crows had typical southern African American accents. And what is the leader of the crows' name? Jim Crow! A tad bit racist if you ask me...well, stereotypical, to say the least.

Plus, Dumbo gets drunk...! But that is very clear.

Ok well that's all I know. Though I don't believe in it much, I agree, it is something interesting.

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