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Okay a free web cam website that has evergthing fre privte shows 1on1 free no money or cards?
so tell me plaesed
well take a look at this page.
hope it helps u
the bad thing its that u have a limited space
for picZ... and stuff like that
How do I fix the browser so that it shows what I want to look up?
When I type in "my free web cams, it shows the site but won't give me any options to do anything. It says "done with errors on page." How do I fix it?
go to file the tool bar that's all i rember
Question for both: about live web cam shows?
Im just curious to know if your guy goes onto live webcam sexx shows, but doesnt pay, just goes as a free member, what does he have access to? If he had a webcam, could he use his to talk with the people even though hes just a free member? One example of the sites is amsterdam live. And women, do you consider this cheating or not? Just looking for opinions thanks.
rationally, it obviously is not cheating. but when your heart comes into play it sure feels like it. I personally would have my feelings hurt if my man was watching live sex shows....and if he was joing in with his webcam i would go from hurt to pissed. don't take my opinion too much to heart tho...i have issues with porn altogether and have been pretty insecure about it. boys with computers have access too all kinds of things...
Web-cam help? Please Help!?
I have a free-webs website... and I also have a web-cam. I'm trying to do like.. live videos that will show up on the site while i'm doing the videos for the viewers to see.. so far the only way people can see me on my web-cam is through yahoo messanger. Is there anyway i can make it so the web-cam videos show up on my website? Do i need a special software... or special kind of web cam? Thanks for your help!
Maybe theres a software for that or something in the "widgets".
Free downloads for my web cam?
is there a way i can get my matrix webcam to work with a free download program ?..seems the disc i got with it is no longer working ,..i had to reformat my comp.a few days ago , the disc will run but nothing shows on my screen , and yes i disconnected the cam from its port , it works on video call but needs adjustments which i can't do unless the webcam is downloaded into my system,
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