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How come there are no feminine black boys ? Only feminine white boys, Chris Crocker, Gay God etc. lol?
On youtube so many white feminine boys but no black boys. I never even seen a black gay boy doing a blog.
Oh no no no, there are many fem gay black boys on youtube.

My favorite is

Why do SO many middle aged gay white men hit on teenage boys and guys much younger than them?
Seriously, I don't want to go on a rant, but I get checked out and hit on by these middle aged gay white men old enough to be my grandfather on a constant basis. I'm 20 years old and I think that is so completely nasty. That's happened to me in my late teens too. I think its disgusting. I have nothing against gay men, or white men for that matter, but why do so many of them think that's completely normal to look at and hit on teenage boys (and girls) like that?

Just because they've had a career and forced marriage or whatever doesn't give them the right to violate somebody else like that. They need to get a life and grow up already.
they have a sick and twisted and perverted mind. and youngsters are more likely to accept them to do these things because they wanna know how it feels like
Why do white boys think gay stuff is so funny?
Im seeing it more and more and more on tv and movie comedies.
because it makes them feel uncomfortable and possibly "grossed out", so a natural human reaction to awkwardness is to turn it into humor. also many of them are too immature to see the honesty in it.
Is it me or is gay white boys the most admired race in the gay community?
With me being a gay black man it seem as if most other races dislike or black gay guy and ony into white or other race guys whos non black.
I think is also because the white race is the dominant race therefore we see more white gays than any other race.
What do you think of latino gay/bi? for white boys only?
when i ask this i mean normal gays boys, not the one who dress like womens or are big time weirdos!!! and would you date one if you like him? i ask this because im gay and im latino well just in the blood, because im act white dress white and im not even that tan i kinda look hawian but dude i love white boys they are HOT!!! and in my opinion i would not date a boy my same race, one i dont like skin color same than mine its like a turn off to me, because i love white skin and blue eyes!!!
I am white, my BF is Latino. . . he is very hot!
Why do white boys play gay chicken?
It is when two boys kiss on the lips and also in Britian straight men kissing is becoming common and acceptable.I hope Japan isn't next I dont want japanese boys locking lips.I like real men but why do white boys who are straight wanna kiss on the lips if they are comfortable with their sexuality.
I've actually never heard of gay chicken before, but who knows. There are so many unusual proclivities nowadays.
Why are alot of gay white men attracted to asian boys who are feminine and bottoms?
The white man always seems to be the masculine one in the relationship and the asian boy seems to always dress feminine and act like a woman. What is up with this?
First off, Asian guys are really HOT! I mean, they make such great lovers, tend to be really affectionate and romantic, and are very loyal. And it's not always true that they're feminine bottoms- I've met quite a few Asian tops, thank you very much- and none of them act like women.
All Gay White Boys: Are you attracted to Asians at all?
i was just wondering, because i feel that gay asians are always the "background" of the entire gay community. someone please answer this question. its really important to me.
no, we white boys dislike asians because they are ugly
I am a black bi boy and i only like white gay and bi boys?!?
how do i get them to notice me. i am on lots of social networking sites like facebook, myyearbook, etc. but a majority of the people like my year book you can admire someone and a majority of them are black boys and white boys and girls are my type. So how can i get them to notice me?! Someone please help.
well its more about the person not their skin colour. why are you only attracted to white people. and there is no way to make people of a race notice you. you cant change your clothes and then all of a sudden be loved by Hispanics, or change your hair and then be loved by Asians. doesn't work like that. It's about who you are and who they are and loving each other for that. Its about the connection.
Why are young looking skinny white boys so popular with gay men?
18-21 year olds.
"Normal" varies from person to person, and even straight males like a variety of female body types...just as gay males do not all go for skinny, young guys...careful about stereotyping, there are always exceptions...

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