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Help putting together an outfit inspired by a Japanese schoolgirl uniform?
I've been having a lot of trouble piecing together an outfit that looks like a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. I don't want a costume...I want something that I can actually wear out and that doesn't look exactly like a uniform, it should just be inspired be one. I like all the different styles (sailor, with blazers, with vests, ect). Please help!!! I promise to give 10 points!!!
Pretty much all you need are skirts, and shirts you could wear with ties.

Here's some pictures of Japanese uniform inspired outfits:
Where To Get a Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform in San ose?
Hey! :) Does anyone know where to get those cute little japanese schoolgirl uniforms you would see on those t.v. shows and anime shows? Is there any store in San Jose that I could go to that could sell me one?
go on ebay and look it up try "schoolgirl cosplay" or google it i dont think theres a store for it so good luck!
Where can I get a Japanese schoolgirl uniform?
I really really want one or two to wear to school. If I can't firnd the whole uniform, where can I get the pieces for the uniform ( sweater, socks, shoes, bow tie thingy, jacket, ect.) I looked online and I can't find any.

I want a uniform like Gogo Ubari.

Take a look here:

They aren't the 'real' uniforms the girls wear here in Japan, but they look the same.
You can get socks...as well.
They ship worldwide.
♡Hope this helps and hope you find something you like.♡
Where to buy a japanese sailor schoolgirl uniform in LA?
Hey :)
So I am going to a con on July 1st and I need one of those japanese sailor schoolgirl uniforms. I don't have time to order one online, and I'm wondering if there is some store in LA that carries them?
in the phone book ...

Good Luck
Movie trailer with white girl wearing Japanese school uniform?
I saw this preview for an action movie where this white girl was wearing a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. There was a scene where she was fighting some monster with a big a** sword, I think. I was wondering what it was called and if it was based off of a manga or something. Or maybe the outfit is completely arbitrary. It struck me as odd.
sucker punch
Sewing Patterns for a typical Japanese Schoolgirl uniform?
I THINK they're called sewing patterns.

Anyway - does anyone have any sites that have the pattern?

One LIKE that - except...I'm hoping the fact it looks strange is because of the materials she used.

Specifically the skirt and the "collar" of that shirt.

I wish I had better images, but I can't find many of the "style" my twin and I wanted for her Halloween costume.
(( She's being a bloodied schoolgirl. ))

Thanks in advance.
I have found a site that sells them for less that you could make it. Or at least not much more than what you could make it for.
Does anyone know where i could get a schoolgirl uniform?
Ok, i live in new york. in two days there is this multi-cultural project, and i got japan. since i got japan, i want to dress up as a japanese schoolgirl, but schoolgirls uniforms are sort sailor-ish (right?) and i dont know where to get that. so there is anybody know a store i could go to so i could get a japanese schoolgirl uniform, i would order online but i doubt it would be in before thursday
Hottopic :)
Ladies: Did you know that cute vampire guys like girls who dress up in Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms?
(Special thanks for this question to Captain Insano)
*Muffles a laugh*
Japanese High School Girl Uniform Pattern?
I've looked everywhere and I can't find a how-to or a pattern for a schoolgirl uniform. I want to make one for cosplay. Does someone know where I can get one (free)? Thanks!
well i don't know why not just buy a school uniform from


I think its just a pliad pattern
Could someone find me a picture of an anime, japanese schoolgirl?
I'm doing a school project, and need an anime picture of a Japanese School Girl, wearing the classic, sailor style uniform. I'm having trouble finding one myself, so could someone please, either draw me one, or give me a link? This is for a school project, so I'd rather it not be too revealing...
Google: Japanese School Uniform Anime

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