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Is there a way to meet japanese teens online?
is there a way to meet japanese teens online? i dont need a website that teaches me the language. . . i want to know if there's something like a website just for emailing. . . like FACEBOOK or MYSPACE.

* that's not written in japanese or kanji*
You're not going to find many Japanese sites not in Japanese, so good luck with that.

ameblo ( ameblo.jp/) is a big blogging community in Japan. it's easy enough to stumble around there.
2chan is another good option. I believe there is an english language thread, but none of the conversations are going to be very interesting, as it is used for grammatical practice.

Also, Japanese people do use facebook ._.
Website where i can find japanese teens to chat and make frineds?
which websites can i go to make penpals with japanese teens? keep in mind im 14 so make sure the site u give me can allow 14 yearolds to regitster thanks
why not try friendster?if ever you wanted japanese teens,their language is not alphabetical but sometimes their some who knows and understand english.but not all of them huh!
Is there a website where I can find a bunch of Japanese teens to talk to?
I'm looking for a website with a bunch of japanese teens to talk to. I'm learning japanese, and I think it would be fun to talk them. Also, I have a thing for japanese girls haha. Any suggestions?

(Don't worry I'm not some creeper, I'm 16.)
You should go check out a lot of anime sites.
Is it common for Japanese teens to dye their hair pink, blue, green, or purple?
I see in anime the people have all different hair colors. I've never been to Japan, but I figure teens must be into dying their hair in all crazy colors.

Is this so?
No it is not common. Anime is not real life, it is fantasy.

You'll see more teens in areas such as Tokyo with brightly colored hair, but even then it is rare. Most have dark brown/black hair.

Teens in Japan tend to dye their hair the same colors we do (or attempt); which are in the spectrum of blondes to deep browns. Occasionally you'll see someone who dyed their hair an auburn/red.
What age on average do Japanese teens date and become intimate?
It's like age 16 in America, so I'm just wondering what it is for Japan. And by becoming intimate I mean sex. Two seperate statistics here!
yeah, school in Japan is WAAAAY up the ****. Girlfriends take time
Does anyone have any ideas for a title of a newspaper article about and exchange program with Japanese teens?
In MIchigan we have a program called the Shiga Exchange program and Japanese students can stay at the home of a high schooler and vise versa. I am writing an article for the school newspaper about this program and need a good title for the article. Any ideas!?!
East meets west
I want to have a unique haircut, something funky like japanese teens, any ideas?
I want to have something different, and alittle out there for my new hair cut.
What's in for Shinjuku guys right now is really straight cut structured bangs, super short too. Like a straight line curved over the brow with a random shaggy piece over the eye.
What do Japanese teens and young people think about gays?
Are they tolerant of their life style? Would you be friends with them? Why or why not? This life style is getting more accepted in society and seen as normal, compared to the past. I'm not gay. I'm just wondering. Thanks :)
While homosexuality had never been viewed as a sin in Japanese society and religion, sodomy was restricted by legal prohibition in 1873, but the provision was repealed only seven years later by the Penal Code of 1880 in accordance with the Napoleonic Code.[1] Exposure to Western thought and societal changes during the Meiji period have influenced the way that homosexuality is viewed by both the Japanese government and by the population at large since the end of the 19th century.
Where can I talk to Japanese teens online?
I wanna practice my Japanese and I can help them practice their English.
Is there a website or something? :)
right but you said japanese "teens"

uh huh im sure its for learning japanese
Any japanese teens out there living in japan (or lived there at once) to help answer a few questions?
okay so i need a little help for a research paper.
i'm comparing the cultures of japan and the USA and i need to interview via e-mail a teen living (or lived) in japan.
if someone out there can help me or at least direct me to someone or a website that can help me please answer :D

what kind of question do you need~? You can pretty much google it tho.

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