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When will lesbians scrub the filth and humiliation of the gaydy community off of them?
Every gay is a free-for-all punching bag, and your being associated with a gaydy is reducing you down to some guy's sex toy. Make a break for it now! The heterosexual community could always use some more girls to lick our wives down clean while we're smacking yo' a** from the back!

Don't you know by now that a gay ruins everything? Homosexuality is reprehensibly repulsive, and heterosexuality (normality) is incredibly wonderful! That's why your'e lesbians! Los lads love licking lovely lipstick lesbian lady lasses, but we don't want for you to come bearing f@gs. These bitchy queens are a complete joke and a waste of a busted condom! What it is that stop you from fumigating most of these fairies right on out? You're much better than me, I'll tell you! Isn't the straight community a better fit for lesbians since we all like girls? Come on! Grab your heterosexuality by your girfriend's crotch right now! Own your normalcy! It's time to put down the fruit and delve into some cherry pie, babies! Choke and smoke a f@g! Stroke and poke the gal! Besides, guys love you more than gays ever will! Come on in and experience privilege!
This is undoubtedly the stupidest question in the history of this website. Considering people have asked where in Mexico Spain is located, that's saying a lot.
If some people are gay/lesbian..do they live their whole lives "straight"?
Because they want to get married & have guys and be normal or is it humiliation. ALso do some "gay/lesbian" people know they like the same sex but could never act on it so they live their lives straight?
Yes, some live their entire lives in the closet. It's usually semi-obvious by their extreme homophobia...
Lately I'm kind of into humiliation - which might be a good religion for this?
I need something that affirms all my worst feelings and beliefs about myself. Thanks for your malicious help! :')
Suggested category: Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered... WHAT?!?!
Given the rich history of flagellation in the Catholic church, you might look into becoming a papist. I like that word, "papist"; it sounds kind of dirty.
Remeber the lesbian prom date debate? What do you think of the outcome of the case?
CNN) -- A school district in Mississippi has agreed to pay a recent high school graduate $35,000 in damages and adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, according to a statement released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The settlement comes after the ACLU sued the school district in Fulton, Mississippi, on behalf of Constance McMillen, a lesbian teen who was told by Itawamba Agricultural High School officials she and her girlfriend would be ejected if they attended the school-sponsored prom.

The agreement, which was filed Tuesday, ends the lawsuit.

"I'm so glad this is all over. I won't ever get my prom back, but it's worth it if it changes things at my school," McMillen said in a statement released Tuesday.

The prom, originally scheduled for April 2, was eventually canceled by school board officials who previously said they reached their decision based on "the education, safety and well-being of [its] students."

Officials at McMillen's former high school are not commenting at this time, and a call to the north Mississippi school district seeking comment Tuesday wasn't immediately returned.

According to the ACLU statement, McMillen "suffered humiliation and harassment after parents, students and school officials executed a cruel plan to put on a decoy prom for her while the rest of her classmates were at a private prom 30 miles away."

McMillen believes the alternative prom she was sent to was a sham because only a handful of people attended. "A lot of people were talking about how it was a joke just set up for me," she previously said.

In March, a federal judge ruled that McMillen's First Amendment rights were violated when her school district refused to let her attend her prom in a tux with a girl.

That was good news, said her attorney, Christine Sun, senior counsel with the ACLU's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender project. It set a precedent and helped broadcast an important statement, which was made stronger by virtue of where it came from, she said.

"We're in a conservative area of the country, where people tend to think we can do what we like," said Sun, who lives in New York but has traveled multiple times to Mississippi on McMillen's behalf. "This case sends a strong message that that's not going to fly anymore."

In 2004, the national gay rights group GLSEN -- the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network -- issued a report that said of all 50 states, Mississippi had the most hostile environment for gay youths.

"We hope this judgment sends a message to schools that they cannot get away with discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students," said Bear Atwood, interim legal director at the ACLU of Mississippi.

Since McMillen's name made national headlines, the lesbian teen advocate has served as the grand marshal for New York's Gay Pride Parade, she received a $30,000 college scholarship from an anonymous donor, and a Facebook page called "Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend to Prom!" had attracted nearly 410,000 fans as of Tuesday.

"It means a lot to me," McMillen said. "The amount of support helps me to continue with the fight."
Once again the minority is rewarded over the majority. I don't think she is entitled to any money whatsoever, and it's not because I don't like lesbians. Why should she be more important than everyone else?
How do I tell him that i'm a lesbian?
Well. I've been speaking to somebody online closely, and hearing of his past he has major attachment issues, neglect issues, is a self harmer and is often suicidal to the point where he calls police... He has become extremely attached to me. My therapist said that I should be further evaluating my sexuality, so i've been letting him hit on me I guess, it's basically just made me completely aware that I'm a lesbian.

Now ****, how do I break this to him? He hasn't told me how much he likes me or whatnot, but there are very strong clues. Even though it's just online, I don't want to send him into any self hatred or humiliation....
Don't flirt with him or hit on him back. And just be honest to him. Tell him now, for if you lead him on any longer, it will be worse for him when you admit your sexuality.
But he needs to face the truth. Oh well if he gets upset or suicidal, it's life and he needs to accept it.
Is it sick for a young woman to want an older lesbian partner to act as a mother and breast feed her?
I have a friend who was raped as a guy, sometimes by individuals but also by at least two groups. She states her orientations as lesbian but has submitted to sex with men in the past out of fear. She says her ideal relationship is with a woman who has disproportionately large breasts, is over forty and who acts as both her sexual partner and mother, and who will breastfeed her three times a day. She also enjoys dominance and has fantasies about rape. She has sex with me, sometimes, even though I'm a guy, but I'm not allowed to kiss her or go down on her, and have to call her names and act like it's rape. She also likes me to pretend that she's younger than she is, and call her a good girl. She's 25 but likes to feel as though she's somewhere between four and eight years old, generally. I know she has some deep-seated psychological issues, but I'm wondering how I can separate the things that are okay from the things that are serious problems. Like, is it okay for her to enjoy simulated rape, or to want an older partner who she can call her mommy? Who am I to judge? Should she get help, or should she just keep looking since maybe she'll be happy some day, if she finds an older woman as... interesting as her? I'd rather she was just straight and actually wanted to have sex with me without it being any kind of violence or humiliation or any of the other things she has to put herself through to get off, but it's not something that can change easily.
shes beyond sick..... and i question your sanity as well.... *smh* we live in a ****** up world
and if you dont think anythings wrong with simulated rape... then you both need counseling.
Are Lesbians allowed in Delta Sigma Theta?
I know that legally you can't be discriminated against, but honestly are there Lesbians in DST? I really want to know, and forgo the embarrassment, and humiliation of asking a member face to face. Thank you for your honesty!
Lesbians are everywhere. Why would DST be an exception? Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. does not discriminate against anyone who wants to join our illustrious sisterhood.
Is society pressured heterosexualism still enforced on all young LGBT students schools?
Being a LGBT person who attended, or is currently attending school..

Are or were you, heterosexually society pressured and humiliated into to making valentines cards, write poetry, to give to opposite gendered students.

Also were or are you still heterosexually society pressured and humiliated. To attend school dances, home comings, Sadie Hawkins, Halloween, Proms, etc. With your fellow opposite gendered classmates as heterosexual dates or love interests.

I believe many heterosexual students are, also being socially and psychologically affected by this enforced society pressured heterosexualism too, From being rejected by there other peers as being seen as unpopular, plain looks, obese, ethnicity or monetary classed. Which does affect a guy psychology and social behavior in the long term into adulthood.

Which many transgendered men and women also fall into this being, heterosexual born wrong gendered. Who are heterosexually society pressured into relationships with students of there true gender. Which is exactly like forcing two heterosexual born persons to date each other.

I can't believe how rife this is in the United States, especially by creating a Sadie Hawkins dance to create more pressure and humiliation on all lesbian students to heterosexually date the opposite gender, just like all gay male students are attending schools. Society knows all LGBT persons are born homosexual.

As a LGBT person do you think, this society enforced heterosexualism pressure and humiliation on yourself and all students and guyren attending schools should cease ? Also did this society pressure have, or is currently having an effect on your education ?
I haven't labeled myself at all based on my sexuality cause I don't know and I think it's something I will learn through life experiences and relationships. With that said, I completely understand what your saying and I completely agree with you.

I have gay friends that aren't bothered by it because they are very confident in their sexuality but, at a younger age, I have no idea how it affected them. On the other hand, I remember in Jr. high, it was very hard on one of my bisexual friends because she did feel very pressured and felt like she couldn't be herself because she wanted to take a female to one of the school dances. She wanted to kiss her at the dance but it wasn't allowed even though many heterosexual couples were having full-on make out sessions. And like you mentioned with the valentine cards as an example, teachers always assume that all of the guyren in their classes are straight. I think it should be balanced and fair when they mention things relating to relationships and the other gender. In our generation, people are coming out at a younger age than ever before so schools need to be prepared for this and adjust to it.

I understand this on a different level. Whenever I talk with certain family members or people out in public, they ALWAYS assume, just because I am a woman, that I want to get married and have guyren. Not knowing my sexuality, it's awkward when they assume such things and on the gender aspect, it's offensive.
Does anyone know if Jail is easy for women? I know it's hell for men in the worst way, but what about women?
Do any of you know any women in jail, or are you a woman who's been in jail. Is it easy? Do some of them even turn lesbian for the time and have great relationships? In a man's jail, your pretty much dead unless your the biggest, most evil guy. Basically, either be someones b*tch or die, which both of those choices leads to your death, or humiliation and then death. But in women's jail, how different is it? Is it different at all? Do women fear for their lives in jail as well as men do? Or is jail for women just a minor irritation, & more of a annoying vacation from society but nothing too dramatic?

Just curious.
I know a lot of folks who've been in the joint (I live in a poor neighborhood & I used to work in construction).

From what I know, prison sucks for both genders - it's boring, there are a lot of a**holes in there, the clothes are ugly, the medical care is inadequate and the guards will kick your *** in a heartbeat.

And there are a LOT of fights in jail - and a lot more tension. Male prisoners are CONSTANTLY trying to avoid fighting - since fights = lockdown and on lockdown you're stuck in your cell and that really sucks (no commissary, no phone calls, no lifting weights or playing basketball in the yard ect).

That's why ex jailbirds tend to be overly polite - in prison, if you even THINK you insulted another prisoner, you say you're sorry immediately - otherwise there WILL be a fight - and I just told you what happens when they fight - it screws it up for everybody

But, the food is good, and they have really big portions

This is true for both men and women

For guys, there is a LOT of the gay stuff- but it's mostly CONSENSUAL

Most guys admit they had sex with men in the joint, but they swear that they were "the man" and the other guy was "the *****" (of course, at least 50% of them are lying)

Of course, there are jailhouse rapes (and, legally speaking ALL prison sex is rape since prisoners are considered legally dead in terms of civil law when they are inside and therefore they cannot consent to sex) but most jailhouse sex is consensual (men with no other outlet doing what they have to do to fulful their urges)

In women's jails, their is a LOT of lesbianism (and here, it's almost 100% consensual, it's almost unhead of for a woman to rape another woman in the joint)

And there is a lot of sex with the guards - male Corrections Officers give special "favors" to their little prison girlfriends - more food, special items that the commissary doesn't stock, better work assignments ect

legally, that's all rape (and from time to time DoC cracks down on the guards who have sex with prisoners)

There's also a lot more fighting in women's prisons.

The guys tend to avoid fights since the consequences are so serious and they get super polite to make sure that they don't have a fight unless there's no other choice

Women in prison aren't like that

You know how women are on the outside ? They love to argue and pick fights, and they won't drop it until they win?

Women are WORSE in the joint!

Arguments will start at the drop of the hat (women prisoners even ARGUE WITH THE CO'S! Since male CO's are less likely to kick a woman prisoner's *** than a male, the girls know they can get away with it)

And, since the DoC isn't as quick to use teargas, mace and nightsticks against fighting women inmates, the women know the consequences aren't as serious as they are in the male institutions

so the girls fight all the time, over dumb stuff (just like women do in the real world)

In other words, prison sucks for women just as much as it does for men, but in a slightly different way!
This is a real question. Need some advice.?
When I was a younger girl, I was abused by a babysitter. This babysitter verbally humiliated me, threw things at me, and criticized me everyday. The only way my mom found out was because a friend of mine who saw what happened told her mom. Needless to say, this abuse hurt my self esteem and ever since then I've felt less then.

Now for the complicated part:

This babysitter was a lesbian. I finally came out of the closet as a lesbian (nothing to do with her though) when late last year and have been happy with it. Only issue is this:
I notice that I have been associating the abuse that happened with my babysitter with the women I date. My current gf, who I really like, noticed/complains
that I'm not myself around her (she's a lesbian too). I notice it too and it's mainly because I'm afraid of her criticizing me, saying bad things (even tho I know she wouldn't mean harm by me). I have this unconscious thing about associate lesbians = mean = abuse, because of my abuse. I have found that through out my whole life, even currently as a lesbian, I can not connect with other lesbians because for some reason I feel uncomfortable around them thinking that I might meet one that's just like my old babysitter. How do I learn to build better relationships with women/lesbians, even my gf, without thinking about the criticizing and humiliation I suffered as a guy?

This isn't a mocking question. It's 100% real. P.S. I'm now 19 actually.
u NEED to get passed this or ull never be happpy with a girl!!!! u need to jus forget about what happened things are different now and thats all that matters

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