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Can a lipstick lesbian seduce or attract a straight woman?
(supposed straight woman)
...or at least make her a little curious.
How can a lesbian seduce a straight girl?
this is a serious question
I guess, if she was 'playful' enough, just be mucking around and strike up the conversation about what it'd be like to have another woman do stuff to her. And then make it seem more serious. Maybe after about 5 - 10 mins of chatter on the topic you (if it was you who wanted to seduce her) could say: "You wanna try it?!" And she'd probably say: Umm....Noo... Or something. You could say "Awww comon, no-one has to know" make it seem like a playful thing and if she's a fun person she'll probably do it. But not things that are really out-there, well maybe.
Or maybe you could be mucking around and getting all playful and just go for a feel, (I go to a school like that) laugh about it and say something like "I don't care, it's just a bit of fun" and maybe she'll 'strike' you back? Lol, it's probably a long shot though.
How to seduce my lesbian best friend/girlfriend?
So my lesbian best friend is now by girlfriend but I want mOre action..
I want makeout sessions but in Our bras and undies. I don't know if she wants to go that far. Any suggestions on what to do so she will want to? (btw we're 16 so nothing to inappropriate)
WOW, is it wrong that am totally aroused by your Q, it's my biggest fantasy to have a trisome with a lesbian couple

anyway just be yourself if you want a serious relationship, or if you just seeking for "mOre action" be what SHE wants you to be, and it'll work like a charm

promise me one thing, invite me over if it works out someday. jk

best of luck
Best way to lesbian-seduce Natalie Portman?
it's my goal in life to lesbian-seduce miss portman. any ideas on where to start?
Black Bondage straps, and black leather whips..Try chaining her up- and licking her naked body from head to toe while she struggles to get free..
How to seduce a lesbian?
I'm into this girl, we have nice chemistry but she keeps playing hard to get. She definitely has a soft spot for me but keeps holding back I guess because she's seen other women hitting on me. But it's her that I want. And I wanna make her my girl. What do I have to do to prove myself to her to make her see that she's my one and only?
I seduced a friend of mine (we're both lesbians) after having dinner and a movie.
Hug her warmly, and send her your romantic energy. That is to say, feel and think your feelings for her, and she will feel that energy coming from you. Kiss her on her cheek, then softly on her lips. Kiss long enough to feel her start to float. Then kiss her on the forehead, her eyebrows, her eyelids, her ears, her neck. Then if you can get her onto her couch, lay her down, remove her shoes and socks, and gently massage her feet.
My friend then invited me upstairs to her bedroom, and we were able to continue on her soft bed.
that was a magical night for me.
I'm a lesbian and I don't know if my girlfriend wants to have sex yet. How do I seduce her?
Hey, I'm a lesbian and I don't know if my girlfriend wants to have sex or not but I know I do. I don't wanna masturbate any more I want her and I wanna try to seduce her... how do I seduce her tho?
You should make a lot of physical contact, kisses but you should definatly talk to her about it.
My boyfriend just dumped me because he found out that I'm a lesbian. How can I seduce his mother?
..so I can get revenge?
i suggest that you get her drunk first...

How do I seduce my lesbian friend?
i want to have a good time and explore my options. I am bi-curious but shes 100% lesbian
Ask her to lay out and tan with you. Wear a very sexy bikni. Ask her to rub you down with lotion. Undo your top when you tan.

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