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Anywhere to buy mature fruit trees in california?
I would not like to wait years for fruit to be produced.I am unable to eat fruit unless I can grow it myself.

I was wondering if there is a place (northern california perhaps) that sale mature fruit trees?I came across one site that sells mature trees (big *** trees) but none of the fruit variety.
Try calling local independent nurseries near you. Most can special order trees of varying sizes for you. You can also ask them what fruit will grow in your area since they will have knowledge about local climate conditions and such.
Does anyone know any mature anime girls like Inner Moka akayashi?
Im tired of all these little innocent anime girls. I like characters like Inner Moka (Rosario Vampire), and Maya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge).
Yea they kick ***!!
So Im looking for an anime to watch now with mature characters, so can u guys help me?
Definitely watch Spice and Wolf then. The female lead is extremely intelligent, worldly, and generally speaking gets things done her way. She's not as harsh as Inner Moka, but more manipulative.

There's also The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, where the titular character and female lead is...well, not exactly mature, but certainly far from innocent.

And of course Fate/Stay Night, where just about every female who even gets onto the screen can kill you with magic or martial arts (or both), and the the two main ones are a tsundere and kuudere who don't take crap from anybody. Even the loli is badass.
What are some good ways to prove to my parents im mature?
as the title says what are some good ways to prove to my parents im mature, im 16 years old, and they wont let me have a car, nor, my lisence, they say i am unmature.....they never give me any chances to prove my maturity, so when i tell them this they call me a smart ***, and thats why im not mature, please give me some tired of being a bum, i want a car so i can get a job...
If you are just 16 years old and you want to prove to your parents that you are not a bum and you want to get a job.....there are other ways to find a job without a car. If they say that you are immature to have a car, then you should first show them that you can be responsible by maybe getting yourself a bike or taking the bus to go out and look for a car. Get a job somewhere close to home. You might be able to just walk to the job!

When the time comes when you have a job, you need to come home, do homework, do chores around the house, clean room, take out trash, or load the dishwasher, and head to work. If they don't see that you are responsible at home, then that tells them that you are not ready for something even bigger like a car. So when you do all those things and then go to work each day, save some money too, then they will see how responsible you are and might consider in getting you a car.

Just keep up your grades and the other stuff. Just because you can do all the other stuff, it doesn't mean that you are truly ready to drive. Because driving takes more responsibility and more control of the wheel. You might want to get a permit first, drive for about 1 good year, then you might be ready. But do obey your parents. (smile)

Also, don't let words from your parents stop you from being mature. What they need to do is help you and guide you so that way you can be mature as you grow up. Don't let your feelings get hurt if they don't see you striving for maturity, only your parents know you better than most folks. Just take your time in growing up, don't be in such a hurry just because all your buddies have a car!

Good luck and when you do get a car, be cautious and drive safely! (smile)
How to look/dress more mature?
So I'm going to college next yr, and I'm thinking about changing my wardrobe. Currently I dress um kind of like juelz santana (rapper), tighter shirts, baggy pants (not down to my ***), flashy belt buckle, Timberland boots. Any suggestions how I can look more um mature?
try this look:…
How can I clean out the inside of my ***?
I want to clean out my butt for anal play. I know you can use enemas for that sort of thing, but I have no idea where to get such a thing. Where could I, and more importantly, what else could I use? Sorry this is a little gross, please be mature and help me. Thanks. =]
Toilet Paper
How do i become more mature?
I don't make an *** of myself or annoy anyone i don't think but i can be guyish how do i stop?
Don't! Your only young once, enjoy it :) If you aren't a teenager and are worried about not being mature, again, I'd say that you shouldn't. I have a few friends that can be immature, its nice, can be funny at times. You should just be yourself.
How to find a mature guy..?
I'm 13. That pretty much says it all. All of the guys I've met are really immature, so should I wait until high school for a boyfriend or what? It sucks cause they're usually jerks and just wants some ***.
13. hahahah. you wont find a mature guy till ur at least 16 or 17. i guy you not. middle school years are the worst.
What is a Mature Comic and Anime/Manga?
I want both of these with strong sexual content. Atleast Nudity. Good Art and some kick *** battles if all possible.
Batman: The Killing Joke
The Killing Joke, one of my favorite Batman stories ever, stirred a bit of controversy because the story involves the Joker brutally, pointlessly shooting Commissioner Gordon's daughter in the spine. This is a no-holds-barred take on a truly insane criminal mind, masterfully written by British comics writer Alan Moore.…
you can find good deals on ebay…
What woman is like figure kay parker?
Like her Natural Boobs, Hip & ***. Mature too.
there is no.
I have never been fat but I have stretchmark-like things on my butt?
I am not and have never been fat, but my butt has stretchmarks on them. It is very round though.

The only explanation is that my butt got rounder during puberty (is that possible?)
or they are not stretchmarks, so what are they?

This is a weird question, please be mature about my round ***.
I was a premie when I was born. I remember when my mother was still bathing me when I was a toddler, and she said, what is that. I had purple lines on my hips. They were stretch marks. They can be caused by growth spurts.

Here is more info about them:
Stretch marks, also known medically as striae, are remarkably common, even among teenagers: 70 percent of teenage girls and 40 percent of teenage boys develop them. They are caused by the stress of stretching skin, which releases substances that damage proteins in the skin, and are often seen during adolescents' growth spurts, in women who are pregnant, and in overweight individuals.

guyren most likely have stretch marks because they are going through their growth spurts. Such stretch marks are most commonly seen on the outer thighs and the back and buttocks. They can also be seen on the breasts of girls and occasionally on the upper arms. Stretch marks are usually just a cosmetic problem and often fade with time. Topical medications like Retin-A have been shown to help improve stretch marks, especially if used early. Other treatment options include pulsed-dye laser and chemical peels. If you would like your guyren's stretch marks evaluated further, I recommend that you take them to a dermatologist.

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