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How long does it take for morgan horses to fully mature?
How long does it take for morgan horses to fully mature?
My aunt has offered me her purebred coming 4 year old morgan mare.
she's 14.1 hands.
will she get bigger?what age do morgans fully mature at?

Your mare will not get much bigger since she is almost mature. A five year old is mature. Most Morgans are trained for harness as a two year old and broke to saddle as a three year old but ridden lightly.
How long does it take for the body to FULLY mature ?
I am 17yearsold, & i feel like my body hasn't matured fully. For example, all my aunts including my mother have the bra size D!
when my mother was 17 she was already a C or D, an i am only an A . Can i still grow more ? whats the age that my body will stop growing ?
some people are really slow developers, like i know someone who only started there periods when she was your age. im guessing you were probably behind everyone else in school, but dont worry, you'll soon catch up. id give it a year or so at the max. dont worry, its perfectly normal. and as for the overall age at which your body will stop growing, there isnt one, everybody is different.
How to care for 60 mature fuerte avocado trees? My Aunt died & left me a house in San Diego east county.?
With the house comes 60 mature furete avocado trees. we took over last night after a long drive from chicago. i have never been to california before and never owned even one avocado tree. I don't have any idea what to do? The lawyer said it has historic value as the last producing avocado grove remaining from when this was America's first avocado growing area. I don't want to kill anything, but I don't even know how to turn on the sprinklers? I can't afford to hire help. It's up to me & my two teenaged guys to run the place. I don't even like avocados. Help please! Looking for good advise?
GUESS WHAT? I THINK WE ARE NEIGHBORS? Everything fits... the niece with two teenagers, moving in from Chicago this week. The 60 Furete trees. The last producing avocado grove, etc. There can not be two, so it has got to be you? Was your Aunt's first name Rose? I won't say her last name, but did it start with a "J"? You are not going to believe this, but I know your property & I knew your Aunt very well. I used to live near her & I'm now less then a mile away. Your name is Marge R, you were a 6th grade teacher, your son Ron or Don, your daughter Kim? If I'm correct you'll find my number in red, on the wall, above the phone in the garage on the wall. It says "HELP" and a phone number. That's me, Mr Help. I lived in the big white house above your grove. Untill a few years ago, I was caring for 104 fuerte trees. I designed the new grove irrigation system your Aunt installed last year. (and your Rose garden too) I know every inch of your land & even where to turn on the sprinklers, But no worry, they are on an automatic system that operates via moisture sensors buried thru out your grove. I have been checking on things every few days since your Aunt passed away in May. She was one of a kind & will be missed. Okay, I'll stop typing & get my shoes on. I got maps & other important papers for you on my desk. Call me Marge, & I'll be right over. Small world!
What's the best way to get rid of aunts without killing them?
I have an aunt problem in my kitchen, and I'm a complete vegetarian and hate killing anything. what's a simple and nonviolent way of getting rid of them? Please answer this question ONLY if you are going to be mature about it. I am not looking for harassment or inconciderate language.
You'll get murder one for killing aunts. Doesn't matter whether you are a veggie or not. Won't even be admissable in court. Try talking it over with them before this last resort.
Is the Mortal Instruments book appropriate for a mature 12 year old?
Is the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare appropriate for a very mature 12 year old to read? She's already read Breaking Dawn. My aunt is worried about my cousin reading the books. She has the intellect of a 13 year old.
I read the Mortal Instruments series last year and I was 14 then. There really wasn't anything bad in that series. Plus, if she's already read Breaking Dawn then she can definitely read Mortal Instruments. Mortal Instruments is nowhere near as explicit as Breaking Dawn was (and nasty!). I think your cousin can totally handle the Mortal Instruments series... and enjoy it cause they're great books!!
What does it mean for a loan to mature?
My aunt just got a sheet of paper saying her loan has matured and she needs to contact them as soon as possible. What does that mean?
A loan is written with a final due date. On that date, all unpaid principal and any unpaid interest is expected to be paid by the borrower to the lender.
Usually the borrower will get another loan from a different lender to pay off the first lender.
If the borrower does not pay off their loan on the due date, it is considered defaulted. A default triggers different loan terms, such as a higher interest rate and the lender's right to take legal action to collect their unpaid principal and interest
What is fun to do for two mature woman on vacation in Chicago?
We ain't old, just married and want cultural, classy and not to cheesy things to do. Where would you take your favorite Aunt if she came to see ya? Not big shoppers, don't mind a drive.
Chicago Botanic Garden:

Millennium Park:

Chicago Architecture Foundation tours: The boat tour is good and very popular; there's also a free Loop Train tour.

Blue Man Group and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee would be my two picks for theatre, though the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre has a really interesting season planned this year.……

Steppenwolf Theatre (founded by John Malkovich and Gary Sinise) and Goodman Theatre are both generally reliable. &

Loyola University Museum of Art:

Stroll the River North Gallery District:

The Chicago Reader and Metromix have very comprehensive entertainment listings, from films, to galleries to live music and special events: &

There's nothing classy about Navy Pier. It's pretty much all tacky souvenir shops and overpriced, mediocre food. Unless you want to ride the Ferris Wheel.
Why aunties are so hot?i mean boys of age13 are so attracted to their friends moms or nearby aunts or nurses.?
many teens seem to be be attracted to their teachers.why such things happen.why as guyren we get less attracted to girls of our age rather than big it bcoz they r mature and have developed assets.
i think it's got to do with maturity
How to get my parents to let me play Mature games.?
Hi im 15 and I just got an Xbox 360. I just noticed the best games are rated Mature (ie Gears of War, Halo 3, and Crackdown.) So how do i get my parents to let me get them??
I never do anything wrong and my grades are good in school.

And don't put there only for 17 year olds.
My aunt got gta 3 for her son.
HE IS 10!!!
ok just saying wasnt gta voted the most violent game? and you should borrow the game from a friend and show them that it isnt violent
Is a relationship between these two doomed? Mature answers only!?
My aunt have a front butt and i finally told her she can't be picky in her choice in mens (she 45 and never been married). She met a man at church but she turned off and alarmed because he have size 6 mens feet. she say small feet equal small in the pants. whatever

If this is true and he is small everywhere is the relationship doomed?
so i can be prepared to help her how dose one coordinate a front butt and a man who very tiny when they get together?

mature answers only - my aunt have needs too
a fupa ???? Thats hot !! call me !!

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