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I would like to email a Thai person and need a Thai/English & English/Thai Translator?
I am a 61 year old man and have met a genuine mature Thai Lady. She speaks a little English to get by on, but we would like to communicate via email on a more personal basis. It would be great if someone out there who is trustworthy and discreet could translate personal messages both ways for us. (at minimal or no cost)?
Where is your Thai lady located? Which part of Thailand.
My wife said she is very willing to help you if your Thai lady is near her,
here in the Northern Part of Thailand.
How mature is a 15 year old teenager supposed to be?
How mature an I supposed to be? Im 15 and I think about being a mature young lady but Im not as mature as I want to be. Its embarrassing to say but sometimes I do act like a little guy. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I don't see myself as a guy but 'sort of' grown like.

In my English class we just read this poem about how 15 is the bridge between guyhood and adulthood.
I watched an interesting show on tv some time ago about teen-agers your age.
You are currently in the process of maturing - specifically your brain.The frontal part of your brain is currently growing at an incredible rate. The reason that teen-agers can be impulsive is that the frontal part of the brain is not yet developed - once the brain is developed the impulsiveness stops.
They say that this unique period of accelerated brain growth is an excellent time for learning and developing skills.
Another thing they said that most teenagers often have severe sleep deprivation. The amount of sleep that a teenager really needs is much more than 8 hours a night.
Please don't be too quick to grow up and be all mature. There will be plenty of time for that. Enjoy your life and have fun:)
How can I find a nanny in San Diego?
I want to find a bilingual English/Spanish speaking nanny for my 4-month old, but I don't want to go through an agency (referrals are expensive!) to find one. I tried craigslist and got no hits, some success with the newspaper classifieds. I want to find a more mature lady (40+). How can I find my perfect nanny?
You have pretty much named every way. Keep waiting for a reply to your CL ad, I got two nannies from that site.
Indian girl want to date an english man, can you help?
My english co-worker likes me and has conveyed interest a long time ago. I have been avoiding it from a long time due to cultural differences.
But, I really want to try with him. If nothing else, it will be an experience for me.

Now, my issues with this:
- although I am professional, attractive, 31 year old mature lady. And, i am quite attractive as well, but, I am in UK from 5 years now. I am indian girl, and I have learnt most of my english etc through work only.
- I do listen to english music, but, i can still not understand new songs in one play.
- i don't fully understand stand-up comedies.
- my sense of humor is not fully developed for the obvious reasons that I am not brought up in UK.

I also find it hard to always follow coversations with my british colleagues. I do socialise with many people, and manage well, but, in a date or intimate relationship, I am not sure if I can strike a long ,proper, and an interesting conversation.

I feel that as soon as I get close to him, our difference will not let us continue with this relationship.

What is your opinion about my situation? We stare at each other a lot, and he really tries to get close , but, i always pull out because I feel we won't get along well any way.

please give your genuine opinion on my situation.
thanks in advance.
I hope he likes his meat on the curry side.
Is it immigration when you remain where you are and your country takes on alien characters of immigrants ?
When you are considered unemployable because you are “too intelligent to work” by an Asian guy ? What now am I ?
The law is no longer up held in this country - Multi cultural YUK (your united kingdom) - it certainly is not mine ! I live in the middle of one of the worst towns in YUK in the midlands where there are more immigrants who cannot be bothered to speak our language, absorb our culture, diet, behavior, all claiming to be British (no one is British anymore - that died when the multi cultural YUK immigration seeped into Britain and drowned it in concrete THEY ARE EVEN IN WESTMINSTER!) demanding that we should accommodate their alien cultures and laws ! Even the USA and France have laws about immigration that are upheld – we have little if any and all favoring people who should not even be here. We are not welcome in their countries, and they are not welcome in any other countries other than this foolish YUK.
This country is seriously sick. Appalling state education, Having to employ aliens before genuine out of work British citizens, National health service spending money on ignorant Dutch doctors and Somalian interpreters rather than on medicines for chronic conditions and cancer.
I am not colour prejudice – I could not care about people’s pigmentation …but I do care about their alien cultures and their offensive manners; even a possible growth of Social Darwinism. I witnessed an Afro Caribbean man working in an obviously token role as a supposed customer representative. He made an English lady cry with his attitude and manner. What he was shouting at her was wrong, and as this lady left he announced to everyone in the waiting room that the upset lady was “colour prejudice” ! I tackled the man with my angry argument and was asked to leave the reception area by English receptionists. Some were white. Does this make me prejudice ?
Surely in expecting any coloured human being (white included) to interact with care and consideration to members of the same species and not like an avenging gorilla I am expecting this man to have higher brain functions ? Not lesser and more disgraceful behavior ?
The last plague in this country amongst homo sapiens was the plague in the 16th century ultimately caused by poor sanitation. In true British style we built the London sewerage system with great effect. Spitting on the pavement in Great Britain would once have been frowned upon. Louts behave like this for effect. The other day a distressed British lady of mature years told me she had witnessed an Asian lady spit. Look at the diseases they suffer from in Asia. These people are not British they are YUK. I am ashamed to live here. And once I was aloud to say so.
Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I would like to answer your question, but don't know what it is. When a ? is used, the context seems rhetorical.
Why are the ladies at Cosco such biotches and how can I tell them to shut up?
So me and my parents are walking through cosco (Im twelve) and I decide sample some fruit water so seeing that my parents need to go get something, I decide to go myself. I walk to the stand and start picking up the cup of water when the lady who is giving them out SCREAMS out at me. "WHERE ARE UR PARENTS!?!?!?!" I explain that they are a couple yards away and i point at them. NO FRICKIN LUCK. The lady (who I still dont know the name of) starts giving me a speech about that I need to be 13 to sample "by myself". Deciding it best for me to go (bcuz I was about to punch her) and she suddenly says. "TAKE THAT CUP WITH U!?!?!?! U TOUCHED IT" All the while I was thinking WHAT THE FRICK. While I do understand that "some" (apparently in her mind ALL) twelve year olds are immature, I am extremely responsible and mature. I know all the allergies I have (none) and I know what to fricking drink or not. I had just eaten a styrofoam spicy tasting hummus and I was in no mood since MY FRICKING TONGUE WAS BURNING OFF. Why are the ladies at Cosco such bitches and how can I tell them to shut up?!?!? I have been considering for a long time to just lie and say i cant speak english or im fourteen but Im not that cruel.
She may just be a nasty old *****, but she also may have been reprimanded in the past by her manager as a result of complaints by parents who don't supervise their little hellspawn closely enough. LOL we live in a sue-happy society, you know.

She wasn't being polite to you, but you don't have to match it with rudeness of your own. Just apologize and walk away. Sometimes the wronged person has to be the one who apologizes, or the situation just escalates.
Does this sound like a good idea for a novel?
Quiet, angelic Rose Tallon, born as a commoner, is astounded when she becomes a chamber maid for Princess Elizabeth herself and is raised in the grandest palace in the world.
Headstrong, striking Julia Browning, born to a lady-in-waiting, has been dreaming about the moment she would be Elizabeth’s maid all her life.
Rose and Julia are best friends-and they intend on staying that way forever.
But as the two of them mature and blossom into stunning young women, they are suddenly catapulted into the lavish-and dangerous-world of English society. As their social status begins to rise, the competition for money, jewels, and men becomes increasingly manipulative and treacherous.
To the point of exploitation. To the point of betrayal.
To the point of murder.

This would be set in late 1600s England.
The quality of this synopsis shows you to be a talented writer. Congratulations - this is one of the finest snippets of writing I've ever seen contributed to this forum.

The concept follows in the footsteps of Philippa Gregory's recent success with historical romance from the same era. (If you haven't already read her works, I highly recommend them as research for your own.) Her books have become enormously successful because of the romance that is inherent in this time period and upper social classes. But she doesn't have a monopoly on 16th and 17th Century British historical fiction and the genre is by no means saturated.

So yes, I think it's a great premise for a novel and, most importantly, it seems like you may actually have the writing talent to pull it off.

Good luck and happy writing!

**EDIT** You're 14? Then your talents are especially advanced for your age. Did you have help writing or editing this synopsis, or is this your own draft? Either way, you clearly have great potential as a writer. Congratulations!

***Edit #2 *** If you'd like a writing coach to help you hone your style and get through the writer's block and rough patches, you can contact me via my profile. I'm a full-time writer myself, and once in a while I coach promising new writers like yourself.
A question for the ladies?
I'm a college freshman, and there is this girl I'm hoping to get. We don't really know each other, but today I was lucky enough to sit next to her and "talk" for 3 seconds.

Today in English class, we did peer revision, and I got to read her essay. As soon as I read it, I was so intimidated; she writes so well, and her level of thinking is way above mine. And she is also articulate unlike me. I realized she's so much more mature and sophisticated than I am, so I'm losing confidence. I have always been told that girls want guys who are more mature than they are.

So here is the question. What do y'all think about guys who are not as mature as you? Are y'all willing to date those "immature" guys as long as they are sincere and honest?
She may not appreciate the other things (sincerity, honesty, etc) yet. But older women will (once you get mid-late 20's, 30's). Honestly at this age a lot of girls are more mature than the guys their age (not an opinion...but biologically it's true). Some girls don't get that. The ones that do will over look it. Just be yourself though.
I'm too mature for my age.?
Hi, I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm too mature. I'.m completely different from everyone my age. I feel so lonely and empty cause i can't relate to anyone i know. Let me just give some examples.

I'm an atheist and get into arguments with my mom cause she believes the bible is literally true
I already have my own views on politics and I'm 15!
I like to examine history and actually care about school and my grades
I like classical music, classic rock and progressive metal
I don't obsess over celebrities or singers like everyone my age does
I don't like playing any sports and never have, although i watch football and MMA
I'm a little shy and have never had a girlfriend
I absolutely despise mainstream music like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or those other rappers
I never cheat on tests in school, everyone else leeches off someone else like a parasite
Were reading Fahrenheit 451 in English and, unlike everyone else, find it very interesting
I don't have such two-dimensional views about things
I always like being up to date about what is happening in the world, like government and world events
I'm not so ill behaved like everyone else
I like many things other people consider "lame"
When i play video games, I actually like playing for the plot and expect and well written game

I'm just wondering, what do you think? This isn't even a complete list too.
I think that in a lot of ways you're probably more mature than the people around you, and possibly even more intelligent. But, well. If you have to tell people you're mature, you're probably not.

Maturity is something you stop thinking about having when you actually get it. My advice is to stop obsessing, because when you're 25, you will be AMAZED at how immature you were when you were 15. Instead of making lists (seriously, you're making lists?) of all the ways you're different from your classmates, focus on the similarities you have with any individual person.

High school is so much just a pothole on life's highway. Everything seems SO important now, but when it's all over you'll realize that the truly important parts of your life are just beginning. My advice is to enjoy it while it lasts, and try to find people who think like you do, who make you feel good. You might be surprised which of the people around you secretly love Pachelbel and actually understand what's going on in Libya.
Could you please fix my English?
Hello, I am a self-taught English student. I hope you can fix some grammar here and also change some things that are not necessarily grammatically wrong but doesn't seem natural. My ultimatie goal is to speak English like a native speaker. You help will make me sound more natural. Thank you all in advance. Here we go.
< I met a man who seems very old than my age. He constantly sends me Email and I have to send him this email after all, which be harsh for him to read. I know this Email is not very nice to read, but I really appreciate if you can help me with my not very fluent English. >

Hello Xxx,

You twisted my words, haha.
I do agree that the age is just a number.
However I told you that I don't have chemical feeling from you.
Anyone you meet on the street and feel good about, will you force to ask to date you because you like her?
I think that you have to respect the other person to show that you are mature.

The reason I mentioned the year of your birth, I had to find a way to have you give up on me.
I do believe that some couple whose their ages are a lot different have true love each other even though those couple's numbers are very low.
I don't argue the fact that we rarely encounter those couples in our life.
Why do you judge a person so quick?
How much do you know about me?
How do you know yourself are so precious person; then why did you divorce with your wife?
This is a real sarcasm, isn't it?
I don't judge a person by his age when I look for a man.
However I really respect how I feel toward a man, don't you?

You must not care of dating a woman who is 10 yrs older than you as you think the age is just a number, right?
This must be the true for a man who thinks that the age is just a number.
If you don't agree this, it’s very ironical for you previous comment.

You don't need to argue me with the age.
It's very natural for she or he to fall in love with him or her who is similar to its age.
Well.. it is also true that some woman don't mind getting married to an old man when he is very rich.
However, you must know that the love is just FAKE.
How sad it would be if this happens to me.

Of course there is always exceptional case.
You see the world, especially Hollywood couples.
If you are lucky, you can have a lady who is very young and charming.
This is not sarcasm; this is true.
You will encounter the face sooner or later.

Oh.. the year of my birth is 19xx.
I have thought that you are at least 10 yrs older than me.
I could be wrong.
Anyway, the age is not an issue for a couple.
If I crush on a man, no matter what age he is, I will try very hard to keep my love toward that man.
Please no argue that I have enough experience to judge a man.

I am not afraid of living as a single if I don't crush on a man.
I am sorry that I did not crush on you, plus there was no chemical feeling in my mind.
This is the fact that I could not give you a positive answer whenever you sent nice Email to me.
I just wanted to tell you that you don't need to waste of your precious time for a woman who did not crush on you and have no feeling for you.
Tow days was enough for me to judge whether I should keep going for date you or not.
I just knew in my guts that I would not be into you although you are very nice and sweet man.
I hope that you will find a good woman soon.

Take care,
One point in your favor is my daughter's name is SKY, and I would be concerned if she were writing to someone much older than herself. To be honest, I think what you have written in your own words is strength enough and meaningful enough to advise someone that you have no interest in them romantically. I do not think that I would change anything except your spelling. (tow - to pull; I think you meant TWO (number).

You have made your point and I would not continue to correspond with this person. If they don't get it - it's not that they cannot read - they don't want to accept your decision.

Finally, I hope that you are not communicating with someone online. This is a very, very dangerous decision for a young woman to make. There are so many evil people on the internet whose intentions are not valid, or honest. I think you would be better off joining an active group in your city that you can see and communicate with people face-to-face, or go to other social or church functions where people meet. The internet can be a very dangerous place. Please be careful.

©, mature english ladies