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What Color Panties should I wear under my Miniskirt?
Recently I have started wearing miniskirts a lot more often because I think they're cute but it is embarrassing when my panties show. What color panties should I wear under a red plaid miniskirt? And be serious, don't say "No panties." I always wear underwear just not thongs....
red or black or tan/nude.
red because it would blend with your skirt.
black because it would blend with the plaid.
or tan/nude because it would blend with your skin.
Is it alright to wear tights without panties under miniskirts? *No guys pls*
I've bought a few pairs of nude and black colored tights for both school and casual. Since the weather nowadays is relatively hot, I wish to know if it is alright to wear tights without panties, such that I place the pads on the tights.
If you girls have any suggestions/ advices, please leave your comment here! (:
P.S. I would also like to know, if most nude colored tights, those thin types, are able to see through. And those who have tried wearing tights without panties, kindly leave your experience here, if it is uncomfortable, uneasy, etc here, so I can reconsider. :P
The purpose of underwear is to protect you from the nasty germs the outside world has to offer, and I'm afraid that tights just don't do the job. They're thin and sheer, meaning yuckies could still get in and cause infections. I never thought of underwear as being something that's adds to being hot when it's 98 degress with a relative humidity of 99. And what happens when your skirt rides up or you get out of a car or if you forget to cross your legs? The whole world will still get a show. Always always always wear underwear unless you're in the shower or in a swimsuit.
No panties.....................?
one day in church a young girl is climbing the stairs up to the balcony and the priest is behind her. He loooks up and notices that the girl is not wearing any panties so he gives her 20 dollars from the collection plate and tells her to buy some panties cuz it's not nice running around without panties so she goes home and gives her mom that money and asks her to buy some panties. the mother asks where she got that money from and she tells her about the priest. the mother rushes upstairs whips off her panties out and wears her skimpiest miniskirt and heads for the church and she sees the priest and without looking obvious she starts to climp up the stairs to the balcony sure enough the priest looks up and then reaches into his collection plate. this time however he takes out only 2 dollars, hands it to the women and says " for gods sake go buy some razors"

A little girl comes home each day complaining about a boy who peeks up her dress to see her panties when she climbs the slide.

After many days of this, she comes home to announce "I finally tricked the boy who keeps peeking at my panties." Her mother asks how, and the girl says "I didn't wear any!"
What are you wearing right now?
what are you wearing right now please inc. everything ;)

for me:
pleated plaid schoolgirl esq miniskirt,
no panties (this is the same outfit I wore yesterday minus the panties I had sex last night and never got my panties back hehe ;) )
purple bra
red t-shirt
silver hoop earrings one per ear, and one diamond stude per ear
silver barbell in tongue
shiny stud in nose
playboy bunny bar in bellybutton
and captive bead ring in my hood
I'm at work so I'm wearing:
Blue scrub pants
Blue scrub top
Heart necklace
Diamond earrings
Red nail polish
White crocs
Purple toe nail polish
Also a purple bra!
And polka dot pink victoria secret undies!
In the news there was an article regarding a nice looking lady who got thrown off a southwest Airline plane,?
because she was wearing a miniskirt and some of the passengers found it offensive. What's so offensive about nice looking women wearing miniskirts? Even when they wear "microskirts", as long as they wear panties, there is no way that anyone can see their snatch. Would it have been more appropriate if she was wearing a swimsuit instead?
the top half was no prob. the bottom half was obviously indecent. When I fly my guys should not be subjected to nice girls showing snatch on the airplane or anywhere else. There is a time and place for a swimsuit.
What is your favorite fetish? fantasy??
we're having a fetish day in school. some of the outfits i'm considering are
1. school girl uniform, miniskirt with no panties
2. french maid
more feedbacks are appreciated
School girl uniform, heavy makeup, cigarette in hand.
Pleated miniskirt too short?
I cut off my t-shirt and made a 12-inch pleated miniskirt. I haven't made it before and haven't made a miniskirt before either. With this skirt, when I bend down none can get a view of my panties but when I sit it bunches up a bit and I can feel the surface making contact with the skin of my lower bottom. Is it normal with all types of miniskirts that I have to feel like there's no material in between my butt cheeks and the chair I sit on or am I making my skirts too short ?
If you have to ask, then the answer is yes (although no friend will admit it to your face)

(When you get to the point when you ask "Is my butt too big in this bikini?") then remember this answer.

If friends ask obvious and embarassing questions like that, just quote this and you won't feel you are telling them directly.

Wear bike shorts underneath
Does wearing a miniskirt make me gay?
my mom left her skirt in the bathroom so i decided to try it on and then i decided to go all out since no one was home and i was already wearing her skirt. i stuffed a bra put on panties and pantyhose and also a halter top and even put on lipstick
In stating your question, you did not once allude to any attraction you felt towards members of the same sex. How are we supposed to know if you're gay or not? Can't you find the answer within yourself? Do you want us to wipe your butt too?
Miniskirts with black tights? A good look or no?
I usually wear jeans, but every once in awhile I get bored and want to wear a skirt. Do guys like the look of miniskirts with black tights? I never wear colorful tights, I find them too guyish for my own style...

I like the way miniskirts look without tights too, but sometimes I just dont want to bother shaving my legs...or flashing my panties haha.
Sure a skirt with black tights would look good, also consider black shorts & black tights. Thats a new trend that just started last spring.
I lost a bet with my gf, now I need to dress up as a girl for halloween. what should I wear?
My gf dosn't use makeup like the other girls do. And only these clothes fit me. Please pick.

White camisole. Numerous different panties. No bra (they don't fit.) jeans or denim miniskirt. No tights. pink t top. pink sweater flowery dress
She should buy you a mini skirt and wear it with the white camisole and panties.

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