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Is it true ladies that stockings or nylons can increase the sensitivity of your legs and feet?
do your legs and feet feel like the get more sensative when wearing stockings/nylons...especially the silky kind?
um, why would you need to know that?
Do women know that alot of men love to see there feet in pantyhose,nylons and stockings???
Oh, my, yes. We know it.
Ladies do you find your feet smell more wearing nylons or just socks?
Do you find your feet smell more wearing nylons such has knee highs or pantyhose or thigh highs or nylon stockings than when you're wearing either cotton socks or no hosiery at all?
Since I wear pantyhose all the time, I would have to say they smell more when wearing hose. I only wear socks maybe once a week for a few hours when Im working out. Seems like there are lots of questions about stinky feet this week. Maybe we should call this stinky feet week!! Who's with me?
Which make your feet smell more ladies, dark or light nylons?
In my experience the color of stockings or pantyhoses influences the smell they generate.I find that tan hosery smells far better and intenser than any other color. Black seems to hold smell the worst and grey causes a mild, though very nice, smell. Anybody of you has similar experiences ?
No idea. I go barefoot (or wear only the barest sandals) and my feet don't smell at all.
Do women like attention to be paid on their feet?
I must admit I do have a slight foot fetish and my wife knows this she teases me with her stockings and nylons she wears. She allways wants her feet massarged when where on the sofa. Do all women enjoy attention on their feet ? When taking part in bedroom fun she loves attention on her feet as well as other places . Do women love to tease males with there feet and do they enjoy the attention?
I was a shoe salesman for many years and developed a foot fetish for women's feet. I used toe-sucking and feet kissing techniques, as well as foot massaging, in my extensive foreplay array and found that most mature women, over 25yo, love attention to the feet. However, some of them were a bit shy at first because of the shape of their feet, specifically bunions or crooked toes.

I find that women, in general use their feet, their footwear in particular, to tease men. This is why most women have over 30 pairs of shoes in their closet. They are not for comfort, per se, but to make the "whole package" more seductive and attractive.

I've never been with a woman under 25yo so I don't know if younger women would appreciate so much attention to their feet.
I want to buy ladies stockings, warm and not nylon. Does anyone know of a supplier?
I have spent hours on the net this afternoon and have been unable to find stockings in anything other than Nylon, which is hard on my feet. Tights are available but stockings are elusive.
try damart
Have you encountered this with your boyfriend?
My boyfriend likes to smell my feet in nylons. Whether it's my nylon stockinged feet or stockings or nylon socks he seems to enjoy inhaling the aroma. This only happens when I wear nylons. Not with my bare feet or socks.
Has this happened to you?
Do you like it? I kind of like the way it turns him on.
in my oppinon thats odd haha
my bf doesnt do that lol
i think nylons do have a unigue smell to them but i dont make a big deal about it and sniff ppls feet! ahahaha
if u like it and it doesnt bother u let him sniff away
if hes smelling yr feet and liking it! that means hes pretty comfortable with telling u stuff. and u need to knw who he is as a person in yr relationship =]
Why do guys go crazy when they see a girl or woman in nylons and jeans?
I work in an office all day where hosiery part o the dress code. As the whether is getting colder many times I will quickly slip on some jeans over my nylons, (pantyhose or stockings as I wear pantyhose more in winter and stockings more is summer.)

Since I often just slip on mules with casual wear, some guys notice that I am wearing nylons and seem to go crazy. I thought it was just when I wore stockings and a garterbelt, and somehow they saw the outline of the garterblet, but now I find even with pantyhose they notice and still go wild. Do guys check out every girl who dosen't wear socks on their feet, or stare on everyone's ankles to see if they are wearing nylons?

It's juat a comfort thing, and not a sexual come on. I don't like socks, and prefer nylons on under my jeans and pantws especially in the colder weather.
I noticed that too. I go to school, and work in a law office right after work, so I often just put my jeans over my stockings for school, or when going out right after work. It seams I get more comments on my stockings with just my ankles showing under jeans, than I do when my whole legs are showing with my skirts and dresses.

I guess guys expect them with a skirt, but think its sexy with jeans because you don't have to wear them but still do.
Can any one share their stockings/thigh highs/garter belts/pantyhose/nylons sex experience . foot jobs maybe?
id like to hear ladies/womens/girls stories on how these nylons/thigh highs/garter belts change their sex experience... maybe giving a footjob while in stockings and how did it end. thanks!
It always ends in great orgasms. Why wouldn't it? I just do the same thing as usually, but with my stockings and garterbelt on. They don't get in the way if you are smart enough to put your thong on last, so it can come off first.

It is just more exotic wearing stockings, and seems to make the guys perform a lot better, especially when they have their head in your crotch, with your stockinged legs wrapped around their head.

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