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Men, are you attracted to women much older/younger than you?
Question for those under 20, do you find women in their 30s attractive?
Example: access.nscpcdn.com/gallery/i/w/wi…

Question for those under 30, do you find women in their 40s attractive?
Example: www.topnews.in/files/images/Diane…

Question for those under 40, do you find 18-19 year old women attractive?
Example: images.broadwayworld.com/upload/2…

Question for those under fifty, do you find women in their 20s attractive?
Example: www.celebrityweasel.com/wp-conten…

Question for those sixty plus, do you find women in their 30s attractive?
Example: access.nscpcdn.com/gallery/i/w/wi…

*Most women and men, do not look like celebrities. But I utilized celebrity examples so people could not say "that person is ugly" just because that person was not their type.
I am attracted to women of all ages, just like most people. Age is not a deciding factor in my perception of looks. There are plenty of young and old people around at ALL ages.

I can also assure you...the best looking people on this planet...would never be a celebrity...and there are many, many beautiful attractive people around.
What site can I go to that has a large gallery of wedding hair and makeup pictures?
I've been to the more popular sites and I've found some things I like but I'm looking for more options.
Usually when I google "wedding hairstyles" or "wedding makeup" I can cheesy websites with styles that look dated or for older women.

Help is appreciated!
The Wedding Channel has a ton of ideas:

I found another website that has a lot of ideas too. I'll admit some are uber cheesy, but they've got some nice ones too:

Congrats and good luck!! Hope you find the perfect do!
Men, do you prefer younger or older women? And what is your age?
Examples for question:

Young and fresh (20s): www.emmy-online.org/gallery/displ…

Older and sultry (late 30s-40s): ucarmagazine.com/wp-content/uploa…
Im 20, like girls my own age...dont care if they're a bit older or younger though...
How many men or women date someone who is older and has it been successful?
I have been dating someone 13 years younger then me for the past 1year in half. Niether one of us planned this, things have just worked out. I guess I asked the question, because I wonder how much of a future we have. I would only like answers from people who are or have dated someone, someone younger or older. Please no one from the peanut gallery..those people who stand on top a soap box..You know who you are.
My wonderful girlfriend is 26 years older than me, and we actually work pretty well together. I think it can work as long as it is handled with the right touch. Goes for any relationship really.
Justin Bieber fans heard he had an older girlfriend when he visited Australia?
Here's a pic of the very young teen singer with his girlfriend who is in her 20s:


What is the deal with older cougar women having the hots for the 15 year old singer? He's dated Kim Kardishain and other older sexy actresses
Is it his baby sitter?
Men, do you prefer young and fresh women OR older and sultry women?
Older and sultry

Young and fresh
All the pics are of equally young and fresh women IMO. I'd take any of them
Is recent trend of women dating age celebrity boys illegal or inappropriate?
23 year old woman dating a 13 year old celebrity boy:


29 year old woman flirting with 14 year old celebrity boy:

Justin Beiber is legally of age. In any event, 'dating' is not a crime at any age.

You have asked this question dozens of times under many account names. you obviously have an obsession with this subject, I suggest serious therapy.
Why do you think women are so critical of other women's physical looks?
Is it becaus women are shallow or ignorant?

I was looking at this swimsuit picture of a tv show contestant who happened to be an attractive older woman, and the page allowed for user comments. Explain why it seemed as if 90%+ of the females who commented made negative remarks about the woman's looks (esp. assuming that many of the women commenting likely wouldn't look much better)? The men made no such comments. In fact, here's the page. www.vh1.com/photos/gallery/?fid=1…

Why would even think to make such comments? -Men don't go around looking at pictures of other men then making nasty hypocritical comments- Is this the type of stuff that really goes on in the average woman's thoughts all day? Are women/girls really this poor of personality?
Why are you assuming that all women are jealous of other women? Sometimes we're not fixated in our looks. And aren't you being a hypocrite? Don't you get jealous and critical of other guys' looks too? Many men are critical and envious of other men as well. So it's not just women.
Your opinion of recent trend with women dating age teen celebrity boys?
23 year old woman dating a 13 year old celebrity boy:


29 year old woman flirting with 14 year old celebrity boy:

Just looking for financial gains. Sick.*
Is it subtle discrimination or is the lady in the art gallery just stuck up?
I was an art gallery exhibition last week and I had my work in it along with other peoples' art. There was a table where the woman served drinks. I came up to the table and smiled at her, waited patiently. She just ignored me and carried on a conversation with an older man like I wasn't there. I waited 5 minutes and I smiled at her and she glanced at me and continued talking. Other people came and she immediately stopped talking and served them. I never met her in my life, but when I came up to get a drink, I ended up serving myself. She said that she knew who I was but she was unfriendly and cold. By the way everyone in there was caucasian and I was the only asian american there. Is she just stuck up or is it subtle racism?
There's no real excuse for this kind of behaviour. I've run into it myself, though it wasn't a matter of racism, but more a matter of not being the gallery's current "pet". Some people in the art business think they have the right to rate a person based on how many pieces they sell at a show, as well as how far the artist is willing to bend to kiss fanny.
I'd be happy to serve myself with head held high under those circumstances.

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