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Is it possible for a twenty something girl to pee herself and not know it?
I was walking on the street during lunch and a girl walking in front of me had a wet spot on the seat of her khakis colored pants. I'm assuming it was a pee spot since it was in that area. The wet spot was about the size of a grape fruit. I'm assuming she didn't know about it b/c she was talking to her gal pal and didn't try to cover it up at all. If a guy had leaked a bit on himself, he would definitely know from the warmth, wetness, and condescending jokes. Is it possible she peed on herself and didn't know it?
No she had to set on something wet.unless she had a bladder problem but not at 20's but anything is possible.Why didn't you ask her if she knew her but was wet all she would do is turn red.
Why does my dog pee herself when she sees my friend but not with her dad?
When my friend pats my 3 year old Female German Shepard, she pees herself and sometimes lies on the floor and shakes. She dosn't do this with my friends dad? Anyone have any suggestions?
not sure why, but when ever that person comes over, before they come in,make her sit and stay. most dogs wont pee if they are sitting. have them come in and greet the dog while they are sitting. eventually this should cure the problem
Why does my 5 month old golden retriever roll on her back and pee on herself when she meets a stranger?
She is very sweet and friendly, but does this on walks when she sees new people. When we have friends come over she still rolls on her back to be petted, but doesn't pee on herself.
Submissive urination is a sign of a fearful/shy/timid dog. Don't dismiss it. See these websites for more information.

EDIT: rolling on her back is also a very submissive gesture - she is essentially trying to appease these people. I would be concerned about her need to essentially expose her most vulnerable body part to people. She is shy and would benefit from training to boost her confidence. Positive only methods though. With punishment (of any kind) you run the risk of making this dog worse.
Normal for dog to pee on herself after getting spayed?
My puppy lola got spayed today. After we took her home she's been either leaking something or peeing. It doesn't exactly smell like pee to me, but my husband says he thinks she is. She's not well enough to walk yet, they let us take her home a few hours later. I just want to make sure it's normal for her to be soiling herself. I hope it's not a complication. Thanks in advance!
Sometimes the anesthesia they use causes incontinence for a day or so.

However, incontinence cause by spaying is more common than a lot of people know. If the leaking continues, tell the vet when you go in to get her stitches out. She very well may need to be on meds for the rest of her life.
Why does my pomeranian pee on herself?
My 1.5 year old pom has become very emotional. It started around the time she went into heat, but at the same time we brought home a new baby. She is very pouty and if anyone tries to pick her up, she rolls on her back and pees on herself. She has also started biting and growling at people she knows. I'm pretty sure she's not blind, so what gives? Does she just need more attention? Will it stop if I get her spayed?
Spaying might help, but you should check if she is too old for it. I can't answer specifically why she pees on herself, but you might find her history interesting...sounds like she comes from a spoiled line! See below:
Is it normal for a 9 year old girl to pee on herself while awake ( during the day)?
I know a 9 year old girl who peed on herself 2 times while awake. One time she had an accident while in school, and the other time she was at her house, and she knows where the bathroom is. I am wondering if this is caused by an underlying psychological issue?
This is not common. Most guyren are fully potty trained by the age 0f 3 or 4. However some guyren may still have accidents for many years after this. This maybe a simple issue of wait for her to grow out of it. Although its worth considering there is some medical problem here. If so take her to the doctors to be on the safe side. This could be an attention thing but i doubt it as she had an accident as school. Few guyren would be willing to pee them selves at school attention or not. Perhaps you should remind her regularly to use the bathroom. Although diapers make clean up easier i wouldn't advise them as they can make guyren very distressed at that age. To sum up watch her and if it carries on take her to GP. Hope this helps.
How could I make my friend pee herself?
She made me so i want to get her back. (Any ideas answer please, 10 points to best answer, not a question of fetishism)
You could try making her laugh really hard by doing things such as: Tickling her, telling such a funny joke, or doing such a funny thing that she laughs too hard.... or maybe smoething else. You could also scare her..... Best of Luck! I hope you get her back! ^_^
Why does my dog pee on herself when she gets happy,or excited,or for no reason?
My dog pees on herself many times. Sometimes its because shes happy, and other times its just because we call her. I would like to know why. or how to fix this problem. Please this is my last resort.
If your dog is a puppy, she simply doesn't have full control over her bladder yet and will develop that as time goes on. I had a dog that did this at about 10 weeks, but he grew out of it rather quickly and by the time he was adopted, he was totally over it.

Anyway, urination is a sign of submission, so when you come home and she urinates, she is happy to see her alpha and is showing that by wagging her tail, licking you, and, unfortunately, peeing.
My little niece just started to pee on herself and she is potty trained, what do we do?
she tells us that she has to go to the bathroom and then she pees on herself. My mom thinks maybe she has a UTI, but she has been doing this for about a month or so and she has not complained about "it hurts when she pees". Is there something phsyologically wrong?
It wouldn't hurt to take her to the doctor to have them do a urinalysis. That would be the first step I would take!!

Just keep reminding her that she needs to listen to her body, and she can't wait until the last minute to say she's gotta go!!
Can a 6-years girl pee herself in public?
I am a16 years boy, I have a six years old girl. Once she ask my she want pee but I do not know should I let her go herself, so I go back home to pee.

any girl can tell me how old you can pee yourself in public?

what problems young girl can't pee herself : safety or not tall enough to reach the toilet or.......

my sister 120 cm tall, can she reach the toilet?

how tall should girl can pee herself?

can girl pee with with tiptoe
okay. well i think your asking if she can go in the bathroom by herself. she can. of course she can reach the toilet...she will find a way. haha. but.... if you dont feel safe letting her go in there by herself, you could always bring her in the guys bathroom and help her. why dont you ask her if she is able to do everything by herself?

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