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Moving into the Ghetoo... im a white perky blonde...?
Ok im going to be honest here so if i offended anyone i am really sorry!
Story cut short i used to be rich as hell buttt things happend and i was living in a car with my mom and brother for a year last year.. we have enough to get a house but in a terrible neighborhood! REALLY GHETTO! when i went there to see the place yesterday i saw people sitting out there and they would scream "we got a white skinny girl wondering around!" are you lost? i cant help ya.. ima get that ***"..... i was scared to death.. I am 15 and i am blonde skinny and 5"6. I resemble Juliann Hough if that helps with a picture.. im scared to death i will be raped or something... i dont dress ghetto at all i wear heels skirts, dresses, cowboy boots(im from Tennessee) what should i do thanks! ")
Hahaha...go hide.
Sweat blonde perky person...?
You made fun of CNN because you didn't like the article about muslims Killing two people because they watched TV.

so here is what Al jazeera said about the incident cause i'm sure you consider AJ to be reputable.

Oh, and it's bad form to call someone names if you don't agree with what they are saying. it doesn't mean you win the argument or make a point at all. it just makes you LOOK STUPID.
That article just reinforces my view that a disturbing number of Muslims are insane, bigoted, and homicidal, due to religious brainwashing. Religion is an abomination against humanity.
Ok so i kinda have the reputaiton of being the "dumb blonde"??!?
most of my friends think im just a fun happy perky dumb blonde and im not like that.
people just misunderstand me a lot.

how to fix?
First of all, get your mind set in the right direction.

You know that we cannot judge a person strictly based on the outward appearance... such judgement is obviously immature.

So whoever thinks you as being another "dumb blonde" without knowing the real you... well, he or she is obviously thinking immaturely and at that being dumber than a blondie! :) LOL

Secondly, you know that most people don't change overnight. So you cannot expect a quick result in getting your friends to change their perception about you.

I'd say only TIME will tell. If you persevere yourself with them in time they will know they are wrong.

I'm NOT indicating you should do something extraordinary... I think you just have to continue to be the real you. Through real, meaningful friendships and relationships people will learn to appreciate you more for what's inside you.

In most ocassions, what comes out from the mouth comes from the heart... so I think you should speak out your mind more - this will help people know you better.

Sometimes being underestimated is a good thing... so I encourage you to go the distance 'cos your time will come!

You go girl! :)
Skanky summer intern hitting on my husband?
My husband's company brought in summer interns in May, and my husband chose to mentor this little perky blonde from the local college. She is always calling him on his cell for "help" and at a company barbecue I went to with him, she kept touching and flirting with him. I heard from one of his coworkers that she even invited him to lunch. He assures me that he is just being a good mentor, but I want him to get rid of the little tramp. How can I get through to him?
Why would one of his coworkers tell you this? Are they trying to make you suspicious?

Why don't you trust your husband to keep his hands to himself? If you don't trust him, you probably have bigger issues than a summer intern.
Do guys like short girls more than tall girls?
Because I am 5 ft10 and brunette.Guys ignore and say i'm not ugly it's just because i'm too tall. Even if the guy is 6ft2 he goes for the 5ft2 perky blonde.
It's more to do with attitude, the perky blond probably looks good fun, be confident the way you are, stand up straight, put a big smile on your face, I bet you look just as good as the short blond girl!! The thing with big guys is, sometimes they like a small girl because they feel like they are all macho and protective, but this is not true of all guys, just be confident, be happy with who you are, and the right man will be attracted to you like a magnet!
Which Next Food Network Star are you rooting for?
I like Aaron. He's come really far on the show. Lisa seems so snobby and that little blonde one is too perky. The other guy can't cook, I don't think. Who do you like?
I totally agree!! I like Aaron but I also like Lisa. She grows on you after awhile and really she can cook .. We'll see though, Can't wait until next sunday =)
What is the best dog breed?
Do me a favor.... please write down your favorite dog.
and then write down your opinion of my personality dog.....
MY PERSONALITY: Perky Dumb blonde girl who LOVES to go shopping! I love Small dogs! Thats the basic stuff

Thanks in advance
P.S please tell all your friends to answer!
There is no such thing as a "best dog breed."
It all depends on your lifestyle.
For you, I think you should stick with a smaller-sized animal, as long as you DO NOT treat it as an accessory but a living thing - because these animals, like us, can feel, fear, thirst, and hunger. They're like guyren.

Consider getting a Pomeranian, Papillon, or Maltese.
these sites can help…

Btw, don't get any of those "peekapoos," "goldendoodles" or whatever BYBs and puppymills like to call them. Good breeders never intentionally breed two different breeds. That defies the entire purpose of being a good breeder and you'd get ripped off. Either get a purebred from a good breeder or adopt from a shelter.
Who is the girl in this NSFW picture?
-> ( )

Desperate to know who this girl is. Warning, it's a nude NSFW picture. I think I should've censored it... Does anybody know? Thanks in advance.
Justin Bieber
New girl on staff = time for me to up the ante. Any tips on being the most sought-after girl in the room?
I'm part of a newspaper where I've always been the only "dateable", attractive female on a staff on mostly guys (one of which I have wanted for some time, and just recently it felt like something might happen).

But this new girl showed last week wanting to join. All the guys' eyes immediately focused on her, including the one I like. She's a cute perky blonde, a little younger than me. I will take ANY advice to make sure she doesn't "take over".

I know this sounds desperate. Maybe it is though. But if you have any tips at all on how you won guys over, or how girls have won you over--please let me know! Thanks : )
First off, maybe you should ask yourself WHY you feel the need to be the center of attention? Why do you feel the need to win anyone over? It sounds to me like you have some serious self-image / self-esteem issues. The first step with that is admitting that you are jealous...and I sympathize with you because it's really hard to do. Once you acknowledge you feel that way, you can then deal with that feeling appropriately.

You're talking about being part of a newspaper staff. Is this a full-time job? If your job is important to you, you might want to avoid dating co-workers at all costs. I learned the hard way once about dating co-workers. My career was ruined, my reputation was shot, and it followed me after I left the workplace. You want people to remember you for the job you did...and not your silly workplace flirtations.

It is not time for you to "up the ante". It is time for you to put cattiness aside and befriend a new staff member who probably really needs a female friend with all the testosterone flying about. Men despise cattiness with a passion and you snubbing the new girl is only going to make you appear that way. If you reach out and befriend the new girl, they will all look upon you much more favorably. To a man, a catty woman is only going to dislike their mother, their sisters, and any female friends in their life and that's why men steer clear of them. Befriending beautiful women makes you face your own insecurities and after a while, you quit feeling so alone - beautiful women are usually some of the most insecure out there.

Forget 'Cosmopolitan' magazine and all their stupid tripe on how to be the most sought-after female in the room. They are usually just teaching you how to be the biggest hooker/tease in the room and not about teaching you any worthwhile qualities that will make anyone like you any more than superficially. Would you rather have men lust after you or would you rather have them take you a staff member, as a person, and as someone they wouldn't mind dating? I'm sure guys would tell you friendly, accessible females are far more sexy than empty-headed sexpots who pout because they're not the center of attention anymore.

The key to success is to be a little less Scarlett O'Hara and a little more Melanie Hamilton. Think about it - who was the one who ended up with Ashley? The one Ashley could take seriously. I think you'll find if you throw yourself into your work and become focused on more than flirtation, men will start finding you irresistable. Good luck! If you're well aware of the risks associated with inter-office romance and still don't care, I think it's time to march yourself up to your crush and ask him what he's doing tonight... ;-)
Any ideas for makeup and accessories?
ok...i need to know how to dress apply makeup and wear the right accesories!!!im a perky blonde that loves bright colors...if u have any ideas or sites plz tell me!!!also can u put like a pic of an outfit for me it would help so so sooo much!!!thankyou

So this is makeup:……

For blondes, usually a little mascara goes a long way, and it's the easiest and best thing to wear in casual settings like school. Eyeliner is good too, but don't put too much, or it can make your eyes seem smaller. I have a grey liner that I use when I want a simpler look. Stick to the rosier pink shades and sometimes purples for eyeshadow. For lip gloss, use light pinks or even just one favorite one for school and casual events, but for dressy occassions, you might want to try more intense pinks or reds. There are a lot of different ways to apply all of these, so you can look on YouTube if you want some new styles, but for now, just put them on normally. Just a tip, eyeliner looks best if you extend it a little bit past the ends of your eyes.

You should know that there's no right way to dress. Honestly, whatever you like will look best on you. Some of my favorites are layering, vests, belts, cardigans, and skinny jeans. 5-7-9 has a lot of brightly colored, reasonably priced clothing. It's one of my favorite stores. The website is, but you can't see prices or all clothes.

Accessories depend on you too. Whether you make a statement with earrings, necklaces, or shoes is up to you. I like to have a lot of different earrings, and I usually get them at Kohls because they're really inexpensive and sometimes you can get them in sets with necklaces. Wearing a short necklace and a long necklace together always looks cute, but wearing a single necklace or a single necklace with a big pendant is cool too. I also love scarves.

Hope this helps you!

©, perky blonde