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I met this girl online who has a piss fetish, What stuff should i do when we are cybering?
i dont actualy mind the fetish . i have already pissed for her on cam. but i was wondering if there are any other things i can do ? any help is apeciacted
Are you sure its really a girl? I'd make sure first that its not a 60yr old man watching you piss first.
There are lots of piss/pee fetish movies,but are there any movis where they focus on peeing on a woman's hair?
Well i am looking for something similar to John Thompson's - 666 series...
But it should have more pee/piss in hair. Thanks.
where are you from? maybe I can help you find what you need, contact me via Email
Good piss fetish sites(free) ?
Please dont answer if you are going to call me perverted. Does anyone know about any good, free piss fetish sites. Ones that show good, full length videos of girls pissing themselves for free.
My gf is a piss fetish wht sould i do...?
i realy want a answer for this... pls help.. my gf is a hairy one..and she want to try some extream things. such as she wants me to drink her pee...and lick her armpits and those kinda things. but i dun like tht kinda things... i cannot leave her cause i realy love her and she s also like tht.. wht should i do....some one gimme some ideas on this..thanks in advance....
Dude, you ain't gotta do nuttin you dunt want. Maybe some of that stuff will be fun... but if you don't dig it just tell her No Way. Or tell her to go first. Maybe you'll like it. But seriously, if you two want a future you have got to learn to accept each other's differences. Doesn't mean you have to give in to them all. If you can't make it work now don't think it gets better.
Help me im an 18 year old girl and i have a fetish with watching porn of guys pissing thier pants?
I don't know why but i seem to get off on watching this why is that?

Most fetishes have a presence of a dom and a sub. You are a dom (dominant) and seeing the guy wet himself turns you on because either he is humiliated or you like that fact that he lost control. The guy in your fantasy would be the sub (submissive). Fetishes are more common than you think so you have nothing to worry about.
Is the word "fetish" considered a bad word, or is it like the word "pissed"?
because my mom says fetish all the time, and i think it's the same level as pissed
Fetish is not a bad word at all. But I kinda wonder why your Mom would be saying it all the time...........that kinky lady. lol!!

Or maybe she doesn't know what it means. You should find out and tell her.
I have a pissing fetish?
but i am afraid to tell my boyfriend because I am afraid he will think its weird...should i tell him or keep it a secret?
*accidentally* wet yourself around him... see how he reacts. if you're daring, you should piss yourself while cuddling him, so some of it gets on him. if you're too embarrassed, do it when you're sleepy and just pretend that you were so tired you kind of lost control, or that you were so cozy with him you didn't want to get up... and didn't realize what was happening until it was too late.

watch him really carefully... if he shows any hint of interest, tell him! if he reacts with disgust, keep it a secret, and hey, at least you got some pleasure for yourself out of it! :D

good luck!
Is sick lesbian fetish worse then porn?
Is it true that it can overwhelm the beauty of life, that vomit fetish lesbians go around pooping and pissing on each other just for the heck of it? Could it be that those particular women are definitely unattractive for that matter? Is it worse then pornography? Plz anyone who knows this specific subject give me an open answer and opinion. Thanks
That's called "scat" and "golden showers" and it is not a lesbian fetish. There are LOTS of heterosexuals who do those things. And it's disgusting to me no matter who is doing it.
And I think the very worst porn is the kind involving animals, torture, rape or guyren.
Is it weird to have a fetish for...?
women with breast milk?

can't be weird then those people who have a fetish for being pissed on

(thank god no one here can tell who I am)
It may sound weird but fetishes (other than the common ones i.e. latex, lycra, feet) are very much random, so I would say, yes it is weird but most fetishes are weird. I'm a latex/rubber fetishist, however, nothing turns me on the way latex on soccer goalie gloves does.... so mine is weird too.
Is this fetish weird? Am i a nut?
I have this fetish for farts, poo and piss, and mucus.I talked to my girlfriend about it and she is fine with it but doesn't exactly get off to it, which shouldn't be the only reason but i would feel closer to her somehow and also that is just plain human so why not.Eventually when we get further into our relationship perhaps we will try these things. Is this normal or at least reasonable? I personally feel that if you can share yourself like that then the love and care for that person must be great.
I don't think it's that weird because everyone has their own (weird) fetishes.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't disturb the relationship you have with your gf anyway.

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