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All Comments

How do I walk naked in public?
I have always had this exhibitionist fantasy of walking in public naked while loads of people watch. Does anybody out there know of any cool way to do this and not get arrested for indecent exposure?
Go to Oregon. Public nudity is not illegal there, and there have been many cases where people have actually walked down the road nude.
Why is it illegal to go out in public naked?
Why is nudity such a big deal?

I say everyone should be allowed to be in public naked.
Why is it illegal? Cultural baggage of all sorts, unfortunately. At any rate, folks should, quite frankly, grow up/move into the 21st century and consider the following: “To be offended by the visual appearance of another person is prejudice, akin to racism. The right to exist, uncovered, should hold precedence over the right not to view [nudity], for the objection is irrational.” -Terri Sue Webb
What is the most public or daring place you have ever been naked?
My wife and I were in a public pool naked, but no one was there at the time and we watched the doors to see if people were coming. We also ran around naked at a public lake with a nature museum, but it was very late at night, so again no one saw us. I wouldn't want anyone to catch us but its a lot of fun to take the risk anyway. Super exhilarating and freeing.
The most public place that I've been naked is in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. I was with several of my male and female coworkers. The males were daring the women to flash their breasts for beads. The problem was I was wearing a dress, and there was no easy way to just expose my breasts. But that didn't stop the males from tearing me in teasing me. So I would pull my dress all the way up and I was totally naked underneath. This I would consider most public because there were probably literally hundreds of people that had the opportunity to see every stitch of me.

The most daring place I ever got naked was at my husbands workplace Christmas party. To this day I have no idea what got into me. There were at least 75 to 80 people there. The Christmas party was at a hotel. It was in a big ballroom. We were also staying at the hotel. Consuming alcohol and strange conversations ultimately resulted in several of us walking towards the indoor pool in the hotel. We went into large room where the fitness facility was in the indoor pool. There was some discussion and somehow I ended up disagreeing on some particular topic with another woman. She obviously felt threatened and was embarrassed that I was challenging her intellectual thoughts. Some proposals somehow was made to determine who is right and who is wrong. Don't ask me what the question was. But she made the statement that the person that was wrong would have to strip to their underwear and go into the pool. I vaguely remember calling her bluff and saying I think loser must strip naked and go into the pool. To this day I'm not sure if my answer was right or wrong but the group decided that I was wrong, I was told to strip naked and get into the pool. I don't even think I hesitated and the group probably was very surprised. One of the group took my clothes after I got in the pool leaving me naked. next thing
I know there's a bunch of people that came from the ballroom into the pool area to check out the view, the view being me naked in the pool. It beyond a shadow of the doubt was the most daring place and probably 50 people saw me naked. I finally accepted my punishment and actually got out of the pool in front of all the gawkers and wrapped myself in a towel.
Why did the woman singer that got naked in public got a slap on the wrist?
Now, please forgive me, but I really don't know who she is and what sentence she got, but I know she did not serve jail time, but she was in public view, naked and guyren present and she did not get enough punishment in my opinion! Hell, I am a guy and of course, not famous, so a judge would have sentence me maybe in jail or register as a sex offender if I did this in front of guyren! Is there a double standard here?
A lot of crimes have a great difference in severity of punishments. Read about more trials and you will see that a crime in some cases results in a short time on probation and other times the same type of crime results in a long prison term. Sometimes it makes sense and sometime it doesn't. We rely on lay people to make up our juries and often people with a very limited ability to judge logically make up those juries. Our criminal justice system is about two sides trying to win. Usually neither side has justice as its focus. As a prosecutor once said, "It take a good prosecutor to convict a guilty man but its takes a great prosecutor to convict an innocent man." Both sides want to win a lot more than they want justice.
Why is it illegal to be in public naked in the USA but not other countries?
I know some other countries at the beach like in Spain or some other countries that have beaches, it is not illegal to walk around naked and swim naked at the beach. But in the USA, it is. Why is that?
Just about every country has nude beaches the United States is no exception. Here's something to think about. In many Latin American countries including Spain you can get cited for wearing shorts in certain areas of major cities. In a few South American countries you can even be arrested.

Don't quote me on this but I believe that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys fame was busted a few years back in Mexico City for entering a restaurant while wearing shorts and sandals.
Where is it legal to be naked in public in UK other than nudist resorts?
Where is it legal to be naked in public in UK other than nudist resorts?
In the UK there is no law against public nudity, however you are still likely to punished under one of several other laws relating to public order offenses.

There are laws however against indecent exposure.

Stick to the nudist resorts.
Would you be naked in public if you were allowed to?
I really want to be naked in public but the laws wont allow me. So i ask you, would you be naked in public if you were allowed to?
Im naked in somewhat public every day. Im a stripper. But i do it for a living, i dont get naked for free and if that was the case i wouldn't do it.
My cousin got arrested for running around naked in public, how can I bail him out?
I'm currently on holiday in Hong Kong, and last night I received a phone call from my aunt that my cousin back home in Australia has been arrested for being naked in public. I don't want to see him in jail for the next few years, I was thinking legally how can I help him out of jail as soon as possible.
I doubt That he will be in jail longer after tommorrow, he will probably go to Court monday and be fined and free to go.. I have seen several people on the beach here on The Gold Coast after coming out of night clubs early hours of the morning and stripping off to run into the sea. The Police see them on cameras and are there waiting as they sheepishly wander out of the Surf. It's not a big crime here so I wouldn't worry thinking he will remain in jail unless he has done something more serious. .
I want to be seen naked in public without getting in trouble?
I want women to see me naked in public but i dont want to get in touble. How do i do this?
lol ur wierd but what i would is get really fast then go 2 a public event and go streakin with a mask on ok lol
Is public strip to naked allowed in school before?
I heard before students in particular school or elemental school who commit major or minor offense may punished to strip till naked (completely), in public, mostly in hall in front of all students.
Is this happen before? Who mind share out? Yet I know nowadays this was banned.
If this ever happened, it would have been a LONG time ago...

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