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Does anyone else find skinny celebrities totally demoralising. I am SO sick of seeing them looking like they need a good sandwich. Are they actually real?!
i couldnt agree more with you. its extremely disturbing to see all those celebrities go anorexic or bulimic. i hope they know that girls look up to them and are doing the same thing.
Skinny celebrities.?
Do you agree that the magazine companies are making the situation of anorexic celebrities worse by giving them publicity? As long as they keep getting put on the front of magazines, they know that they only have to lose weight to get that all important fame. Once we stop being so fascinated by their emaciated bodies surely they will be more healthy and stop giving bad messages to guys? Don't get me wrong, i'm against obese guys too but we just need to promote healthy living!!
iI think it's awfull. the magazines are just creating more sales for themselves and the guys of today are getting more and more mixed messages. i think we should get more magazines showing what can happy to your body in the long term.
How do asian celebrities stay skinny?
How do asian celebrities stay SO skinny? I mean, the culture's staple food is white rice, and that makes most people GAIN weight, yet so many asian (japanese, korean, chinese) celebrities are VERY skinny. How do I get that skinny?

Reina Tanaka
Gu Hara
Rainie Yang
Risa Niigaki
Ai Takahashi

What do I do to be that skinny (and STAY that skinny!!)?

Thank you!
They eat about 90% less fried food than we do.
Do you think celebrities like Kiera Knightley are too skinny?
I personally would love to be as naturally skinny as Kiera Knightley and really skinny celebrities like that. Do you think being that skinny is unattractive?…
Kiera Knightley looks great and most importantly - healthy. She is a naturally thin girl who obviously takes care of herself well. She doesn't appear sick or fragile looking by the thin muscular tone she has.
How do skinny celebrities get pregnant?
I'm 5'6 and I don't get my period if I weigh less than 115 lbs. How do these women get pregnant?
Good question - I often wonder that myself. I don't think they are getting pregnant the old fashioned way.
How are celebrities so skinny?
I was just wondering how celebrities are so skinny. I want to be skinny.. not like anorexic skinny, just pretty skinny. How do they do it?
Most celebrities have trainers and are on constant diets.
How can i be skinny like celebrities?
how can i be skinny like celebrities are.what is there secret
Hire special chefs and trainers
How do skinny celebrities remain standing & working if they are rumoured to be so ill by being too thin?
Surely if they were really anorexic then they would be fainting all over the place and not able to smile and go to work and act etc How is it that they can keep going? Is it drugs or do they just eat as little as they can get away with and exercise to the limits? Should they still not be able to get out of bed in the morning?
A person can be "skinny" without being truly anorexic.

Anorexia is a disease, dieting to be thin is not.
What percentage of *skinny* celebrities are naturally skinny.?
Please don't answer if you have body/self esteem issues
Um.. not many... which is sad because gaining weight is really easy for some people and as soon as they do people just bash them about it (like Britney)

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