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Is there any really good spanking chat rooms?
I don't have a cam, but I want to find someone with a good imagination. I love spanking role play. Infact I need a really good spanking right now.
if so i'd like to know
Spanking With Love and Abuse?
I have read so many questions and answers that are just not right! Spanking a guy is okay! Only if you do it with a hand! But i barely have to spank my guyren. I have 5 little guys and they are totally fine. I take away privileges such as TV time. They are aloud to watch TV only 30 minutes a day. Sometimes I totally take it away or just lower it. I do these things for almost every single thing they do. If they did something serious I would give them a session over my lap for 5 minutes. They are aloud on the computer once a day and I can take away this privilege for as long as I like. Also I give rewards, like a treat kind of like buy them ice-cream or give them more computer or TV time. They respect me and love me. I love them too and people are diseplene their guyren too much! How do you parent your guyren?
I believe that spanking is a great form of discipline for certain events in life for others it's not so good and there's an age range where it is effective. It should be a parents choice to spank their guy and that it shouldn't be against the law. I can say one thing though people are correct in order for it to be effective and for it to work you can't use spankings when you're upset, angry, etc.....
I don't think it is a form of guy abuse unless it gets out of hand. I was spanked as a guy and it worked well. Of course there are other forms of punishment that work well with each guy, you have to remember every guy is different just because one punishment works for one guy it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work on another. Also, I would never use a belt on my guy. It would be with the hand or a wooden spoon that's it.

People who are anti-spanking like to say it causes other things such as lack of self-confidence, the only way to solve problems is with violence, etc........ From what I've seen if a spanking is done properly no guy is going to think that and from experience I was never violent with anyone and never thought it was right to use it against anyone because my dad taught me that hitting someone is wrong and he also taught me how to manage my anger.

Self-Confidence is another story in itself and it has nothing to do with spankings even if the anti spanking group sites studies from surverys done by guyren who were spanked and who have low self-confidence it's a correlational study which means you can't deem causation from it.

The studies more then likely didn't take into account other factors that can lead to low confidence in a guy. I can list tons of reason why a guy would lack confidence in themselves such as being made fun of in school, being teased, harassed, negative thoughts that are put in their head from those people who are teasing them, etc........ In order for a guy to really boost confidence in themselves is to change their thinking.

I keep on seeing answers on here that are quite ridiculous. Well if you spank your guy it teaches them that in order to get a point across you have to do it by hitting another person. I find that very ignorant if a parent is doing there job there's not going to be any problem with the guy having that issue in fact more then likely you see the guyren who do hit have never been disciplined in their life. Again in order for any effective punishment from spanking, grounding, timeouts, etc.....Communication is the key in all discipline from spanking, grounding, timeouts, etc..........
I'm a 15 year old guy and im looking for a spanking buddy who likes to spank and be spanked and would love to?
do this with me.
Dad belting my 15 year old bare butt was plenty ... and it sure did sting ... fortunately it didn't happen very often. I sure didn't "like" it. You must be one tough dude!!!
Why don't people get it that spanking is wrong?
I read this answer to a question about spanking that said parents need to stop giving a minor consequence like time out, and give a major consequence like spanking lol! Yeah, ok, because a swat on the backside will teach them so much more than an actual punishment! Could it be that it's just easier for the lazy parents? Another answer said that the parent "only spanks with love" ha ha ha! Are these people serious, or did they get the common sense whacked out of them as guys? Thoughts and comments?
I do believe in spanking but not as the first resort. I do think you need to talk and try other disciplines but sometimes that is what a guy needs to behave. I will give you a prime example
My brother and I had to be home by 5:00 when we went to play as guys we were late once and got grounded. I was never late again because I did not like have my privileges taken my brother would still be late. I would go home and leave him down the street playing. She grounded, punished, gave extra chores did not let him go play for months at a time while I could go. Nothing worked she went and got him once spanked him and he was always on time. What else should she of or could she of done. Nothing in my mind but spanking worked.
Honest views on spanking?
I really don't want to start a war or anything and I would appreciate if people just gave their honest opinions and didn't judge or leave nasty comments. I've seen this come up a few times but not many people gave serious answers so I was curious as to what people out there thought...

My personal viewpoint...I see nothing wrong with it as long as it's done in a positive way. I would take my guy into a bathroom or an area where he wasn't surrounded by other people to eliminate him feeling humiliated in front of other people or laughed at by other guys. I would spank my guy but I would sit with him until he's calm and explain to him that I still love him and I'm not mad at him but I am disappointed with his behavior. And then I wouldn't harass him about it. I think the "abuse" theories start to come in when people hit their guy on the spot in whatever area they can reach and yell at them while their guyren cry. And then walk away still angry. That's just awful to me. I think that causes guyren do doubt their parents love and start to react harshly. If I felt I was to angry to spank my guy without yelling, I would tell him to wait in the bathroom or something until I could cool down a little.
Point is, I think there is a right way and a horrible way to go about spanking. I have seen the spank/love method work for many families who have raised respectful guyren that are very close with their parents. I still think there are ways to discipline that are capable or changing a behavior without spanking, but I think there are some areas where spanking brings about more positive results. Like I said though, there is a right and wrong way to go about it.
Thanks for the input.
I was beat with a leather belt that left welts all over my back and legs, my brother who got in my father's face was beat with fists. I learned to hide behind the door, or in the closet when my father came home in one of his moods just looking for someone to take it out on.
Having said that, I still believe in spanking as needed. I tried time outs, reasoning, explaining, crying, pleading, taking away privileges, grounding, taking away stuff, not buying them stuff, everything that I'd ever heard of. I, of course didn't want to inflict corporal punishment on my precious little angels and have them fear me, as I did my father.
As it turned out, my first born was as head strong as they come, and nothing else ever got her attention or respect. I only had to spank her bottom a few times to show her that I would actually do it. I only had to spank my second guy once in her entire life. Once they knew that I would do it, then the implied threat got their attention, and they were willing to listen to me, and to do what I asked of them. I never went beyond a fanny spanking, and I wouldn't spank them when I was mad. I would wait until I was cooled down which made it even harder for me to spank them. So when I did it, it was for punishment and not to take my anger out on them.
For those, who don't believe in spanking and will think I am a horrible parent, why don't you write a book on how to raise respectful, obedient, drug free, loving, empathetic, and caring guyren like mine turned out to be. Write how to do it w/o ever spanking, it would be most helpful to parents who tried everything else and it didn't work. All I'm saying is it worked for me.
I love being spanked by my husband. Do other adults like getting a spanking?
My husband regularly puts me across his knee, pulls my panties down and spanks my bare bottom with his hand. After a while (when my bottom is warm) he uses a padle, a slipper or a hairbrush. Sometime he bends me over a chair and uses his belt (I love being strapped) and if I'm very naughty (which I often am) he uses a switch. Whilst spanking me he tells me what a naughty girl I am and that naughty girls have to be punished
i love to spank and be spanked... ;)

i use a horse crop... :D
Can anyone suggest books on alternatives to spanking for guy discipline?
I will be having my first guy soon. I would like to raise this guy without spanking. I would love to have a book with alternative ideas.
P.S. Please do not leave answers in support of spanking. I'm not interested.
The main problem with practicing "non-spanking", is the spanking is not replaced with some other means of consequence.
Key word is consequence. Explaining is not a substitute for spanking.
Sure, guyren need to learn why they shouldn't... juggle antique China vases, but you are not required to explain it to them before they stop doing it. Explaining is great, but if you do it too soon, it diminishes the authoritive effect of getting results quickly.
There's always time to explain after the result is accomplished.
Alternately, a punishment is in order, especially if the guy was forwarned of the activity, or worse... didn't stop after being caught.
The most effective method is removal of privelages. TV, Games, etc. Time-outs just teach ...currency.
In other words, "I can smash Grandmas clock, as long as I stand in the corner for 15 minutes."
Is this love with spanking normal?
Hello. I'm Camellia. I have been married 6 months ago.My husband is great, but he spanks me for doing a little mistake that we can get over. When he came home, i told him what i did wrong. Usually, he spanks me only before having sex as a friendly, hard spanking. But this time, he got me naked and pulled me with my hair and made me bend on his laps. All in a sudden. Then he took the strap and began spanking me as hard as possible on my bare bottom. It was so HARD that i began to cry. He was counting until 100. on the 50th slap, i begged him to stop, but he continued until he got to 100. At the 100th spank, my bottom was bloody, and i almost couldn't support it any more, so i closed my eyes from pain in my bottom, that still hurts cause all this happened yesterday. And my bottom is still red and i can't sit comfortably. At night, i wondered if i should divorce, but i remember how he held me after the 100th spank, well, after having give me several slaps on the face and breast. After, i think he realized that he was wrong by spanking me. He kissed me, and began to take off the blood with some kind of napkin. Today, he hug me and begged for pardon. what should i do? He is so sweet and kind! Should i try to punish him back? Or should we divorce? I just can't think about divorcing him....I would like you to respond a little bit early, before we have sex and before i get pregnant. One other question please: Should he spank me (just for my pleasure) before or after we have sex? Thank you so much!
Um, if he is spanking you to the point where you are bleeding and you are telling him to stop, LEAVE HIM. It's common sense. Don't be with someone who hurts you like that.
Spanking My Kids With Love?
To me a spanking is a love tap to tell a guy he has done wrong. However I DO NOT AGREE WITH SMACKING AND BRUISING. I also don't pull their shorts down and over the knee. Just a tap, like a light high five on the hand, does the trick. Who agrees with me?
Great question! Parenting can be so stressful-add to that the many ways to discipline and its a wonder that people don't turn gray in the first year of parenting!

Spanking is often abused or used as a vent for the parent when they are frustrated. How does a prent know the difference? If they were to walk away for a breather, would they still spank?

Spanking can certainly grab the attention of the guy. However, it has been proven that there are more effective ways to discipline. Naughty mats, time outs, etc, can also grab attention effectively. Spanking can also make the guy miss the point of the discipline. Instead of realizing that a behavior is bad, they may focus on the pain of the spank or even the person spanking them.

I do not spank my 3 year old. We have disciplined using naughty mat and time outs followed by a discussion of behavior and hugs. We are complimented often on how well behaved our son is.

I was spanked as a guy-and I was wretched. I do not feel that spanking is an effective form of discipline.
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I figured that would be a chorus. Can someone help me?
"Spiritually spanking"

I love 'typos' like that.

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