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What are some fun, cool, and tasty things that teen girls can do?
My daughter's friend is coming over and I don't want her to be bored. So what are some fun, cool, and tasty things that my daughter and her friend can do. Age group is 12-13. Thanks....

ex.) Like Baking
My BBF and I love to visit www.femmunity.com which is a website for girls age btween 10 and 13 yrs old, is an ONLY girls site and is great!!

Hope this helps!
Want to help a teen find some simple, tasty, nutritious recipes?
I'm a teenager who's recently become interested in the culinary arts! Unfortunately, i have about zero experience. It seems that all the recipes I look up are either way too complicated, or meant for little guys. Isn't there a fair median?
I'm also an athelete, and a member of a very health conscious household-therefore, the more nutritious the better.
Anyone have recipes to suggest? Please?

P.S: I love breakfast and struggle to find healthy snacks xD
Foodnetwork.com has thousands of recipes rated for difficulty and taste.
What are some tasty main dishes/ appetizers for a party of teen girls?
So for New years, im hosting a party with 11 of my closet girl friends. Alot of them are Vegetarians, so what should i make for the main course? There are a few meat eaters too, so i will be making two separate things. Also, what are some fast and easy dips/ appetizers i could make? Thanks!!
For the vegetarians
1. Mozzarella Sticks
2. Nachos with just cheese
3. Chips and Salsa
4. Spinach Dip
5. Trail Mix
(i dont really think number five worked, but it was the only one that i could think of)
6. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
For the meat eaters
7. Pepperoni Pizza
8. Pigs in a blanket
9. Hot dogs
10. Hamburgers
11. Fried Dumplings

I hope this helped. These were the only things that i could think of!

1. Dumplings
Anybody have any diet tips or tasty recipies that are low cholesterol and teen friendly?
My 15 yr old cousin was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and has been eating all the wrong things, her mother still buys the high fat snacks for her siblings, but expects the 15 yr old not to eat them. SHe has been found with junk food stashes and this is getting out of hand, she is afraid to diet because she thinks she has to give up all the foods she loves for "rabbit food". If anyone has any ideas or recipes pack with alot of flavor but not alot of fat please pass them along.
there is a lot you can eat!! grilled fish is great - or grilled chicken - and it does not have to be bland - sprinkle it with chili powder or garlic powder you can also get mccormicks grill mates - but get the salt free!!!!! a george forman grill is great for this and they can be picked up cheap at big lots - you can put veggies on the grill too - like green squash (zuccini) yellow squash & baby carrots - cut then to about 1 inch thick and sprinkle them with the same season as the meat and stick them in the forman grill!!!

if you are going to use a fryingpan instead of using oil - use water!!!

steamed veggies - or veggie stir fry - dice up onion and several different colored peppers put a frying pan on get it very hot - put a little water int he pan they add the veggies and keep stirring them - you can add sliced grilled chicken too - then serve it over lettuce - or wrap it in a low cholesterol tortilla wrap!!!

buy smart balance butter - it has stuff in it to help lower cholesterol -

and remind mom that if the other guys keep eating it when they are 15 they will need special diet too!!!
Tasty vegetables, for a teen who doesn't like vegetables?
I have been pondering become vegetarian for a long time, but a) i don't really like A lot of vegetables, and b) i am a teenager who's parents live by the rule of "you eat what we buy." i want to try new vegetables because at the moment, i only like carrots, sometimes parsnips, potatoes, lettuce and corn.
i hate beans. :)
any ideas on what i can do?
A. You need to learn how to cook. It's not the fault of the veggie, it's your inability to make it taste good.
B. Get a job.
I'm a teen and I want to start drinking coffee in the morning, What type should I buy?
I love Starbucks coffee, and lattes and I really want to start drinking coffee, I am allowed too I just don't know the right kind to get. I want it too be tasty, not bland. I have a coffee maker and a Coffee/Bean Grinder. What do you suggest I get?
I personally recommend Folgers.
What kind of food can i make at home by myself .i am a young teen.?
I have many diffrent things but i want something tasty to fix for myself.
add some cheese to a tortilla and micro for 30 seconds

grilled cheese and ham sandwhich

my personal fave as a guy was grilled hershey sandwhich
just replace cheese with a hershey bar cut in pieces. and cook like a grilled cheese

make a baked potato
(in the micro is ok for about 20 minutes)
add your favorite toppings

a salad

mac n cheese

roll up sadwich
spread cream cheese on a tortilla add some turkey lunch meat in one layer, bit of lettuce, avocado (smash it first)
roll up tightly and slice about 1/4 inch thick or even just in half is ok.
you can use any ingredients you like for this
Breakfast and school lunch ideas for a very active, vegetarian type 1 diabetic teen?
I swim every morning at 5:45, before I just eat yogurt. I need tasty, healthy ideas, as I've come to learn I am hard to feed ( I was only diagnosed about 2 months ago). Everything has to be packable, cook before and last in a back pack. Thanks for your ideas!
Breakfast: Cut up some fresh fruits and make a mix out of them...try adding some fruit and nuts to your yogurt

Lunch: You can make virtually any type of sandwich!
You could also try burritos, soft tacos, tacos with beans,
A good side could be some mixed vegetables, or some
carrots. Celery with peanut butter is also good...
What can we serve teen age grandsons for dinner besides pizza?
They like fish and salad, but wanted to serve something really tasty
grilled salmon and grilled baby vegetables; burgers; shrimp kebabs
What is the best type of hot tea to drink (most tasty)?
Keep in mind, i'm a teen. i'm not into drinking coffee every morning so i'm looking for a tea (caffeinated) that will taste good on a winter morning.
The best tasting tea is black tea

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