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Should teen girls shower together?
Whenever my 13 year old step daughter has friends over they always get in the shower together, and they have not been using bathing suits lately. Is this normal?
we did when we were 13 but we had the bathing suits on. we taught each other to shave legs and wash faces. we were "younger" then. it seems now, 20 years later, guys grow up faster.

i would insist on the bathing suits. i don't want to say it is not normal but you are the parent and you can insist on certain rules. obviously if you have to ask you already know something is off with this.

good luck!

p.s. - can i just say i don't think your daughter is a lesbian. people are quick to assume that guys that age are ALL sexually active. like i said, they sometimes grow up faster now. this behavior is that of little girls. put your foot down!
Should teen girls shower with mother/friends/aunt?
Okay, so my 16 y/o girlfriend showers not actually with her mother, but they always are in the bathroom together and they see each other naked all the time. I thought it was kind of weird but i got over it but then, i was at her house and her aunt was in there too naked! Is this weird to anyone else? Then, she told me that she showered with one of her friends because she was just doing it for fun (naked) and said she didnt do anything. I'm weirded out, do i need to get over myself or is this actually abnormal?
Mom and daughter in the bathroom getting ready naked together: Not weird.

Aunt thrown out in the mix: Weird.

Two girls who are friends showering together: not weird.

Don't over think this hun... or get jealous about the shower:)
Is this a good idea for a baby shower with teen girls AND older women attending?
My MIL is throwing me a baby shower, well she's acting like she is. Her way of throwing the baby shower is by buying decorations and saying "oh we can decorate with this" but not actually planning anything. So i've taken on the role of coming up with all of the ideas and she's taking my ideas for her own and buying the supplies. Well i am going to have girls from the age of 18 all the way to older women in their 70's. I came up with the idea of buying a bunch of onesies(99 cents) and having a bunch of iron on designs and fabric paint so everyone can design a personalized onesie. Also my mom and MIL will decorate a bib that is dedicated to eachother and i will be making an overnight/diaper bag that both grandma's will use. Do you think this is an ok idea? I don't like the idea of corny games and i'm just wondering if everyone will find this entertaining... in your opinion.
There will be more to the shower but this is the "main event".
I did this once at a shower and it was fun. Just don't let it drag on too long. Have people start as soon as they walk in - get a drink, start decoarting - so it doesn't take up two hours.
TEEN GIRLS: is it attractive when your boyfriend doesnt shower for a month?
i havent showered in about a month and four days. my gf said that the smell was horrific but she likes a dirty boy and then we had sex. im thinking of dumping her since i like this other girl. but im wondering if the majority of girls like this smell so i know how to satisify the new one. so, do u?
i don't know what girl wouldn't think that's a turn on...
Two teen girls are reading about a stars good skin and then use a mask which works with shower steam?
Its an orange colored kind of mask. You are supposed to leave it on for 5 mins in shower so it works with the steam. Its a new face product? Whats the name of the product?
clean and clear morning burst in shower facial
Pre-teen& Teen girls.Do you bath/shower with your infant/toddler sister?
I'm asking this since I'm 13yrs old and have a 2yr old sister who we are close and bonded.Ever since she was born I was a 2nd mom to her and my mom's helper since she's sometimes busy.Anyways this includes when my mom asks me to take my 2y.o sister either a bath or shower take off my clothes and get in the bath that way it's more convenient plus conserving water, plus not having my clothes splashed with water.

The question is do any of you preteen/teen (i.e 10-16y.o) girls here in America strip down either take a bath and or shower with you younger infant/toddler sister?

The reason I ask this is since I one time both of my parents were out to run errands, and my big brother was at home with my little sister and me.My mom asked me to take her a shower/bath and my friend was supposed to come hang out and help with her homework, that she could come inside if she wanted to.When I was in the bath helping my sister bath her, my friend knocked on the door, my brother answered it and said that I was going to meet her within 15 minutes.15 minutes later when I met her in the living room I told her that "I was in the bathroom helping my little sister bath while I was taking a bath."She got this puzzled raised eyebrow look at her face, like what I was doing was weird.I explained to her that there's nothing wrong helping a same sex sibling take a bath while taking a bath yourself at the same time.

So this brings me this question if this is less common in America.Since both of my parents where born Australia, both sides of my parents had parents born and raised in Europe, including European indoor laid back attitude towards nudity.

I personally don't see anything wrong as long it's same sex..
lol im exactly like u im a 13 yr old girl and i have a 3yr old lil sister..im basically her second mommy and were so close to each other..and i think it is perfectly normal..i take showers with my sis all the time..just as long as were both comfortable..its absolutely fine if ur the same sex and siblings..;)
Teen Girls: how often do you shower?
Easy question, easy answer, easy points :)

I shower twice a day (shave in the morning and wash my hair at night). How often do you?
I shower once a day when I wake up.
If I sweat, feel nasty, or need to shave I'll take a shower at night also.
Teen girls: How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
When you're in school, and in the summer too I guess. In school, I get up at 6:30, shower, do my makeup/hair, get dressed, pack my bag and eat. I'm out the door in an hour! How long does it take you?
15-30 minutes. I pack the night before.
Teen girls: how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
My dad thinks I spend too much time in the morning. I take about an hour and a half in the morning to take a shower, eat, do my hair/makeup, brush teeth, put contacts in, etc., Is that too long? How long does it take you? Thanks :)
That's about how long I take (:
6:30-6:50ish I take my shower, get dressed, get my contacts in, etc.
7:00-7:10 is my eating time, and I also get on the computer then.
7:15-7:30 is makeup and teeth stuff. Teeth brushing/flossing takes so long because I have braces ):

And then from 7:30-8:00 I basically do nothing until the bus comes! So It only takes me around an hour to get ready! But I'm sure it'd take longer if my hair needed straightened...
For teen girls: What is the best underarm deodorant?
My daughter showers every night, making sure to soap up her armpits which are always shaved. She puts on deodorant before going to bed and again in the morning. Tried Secret and that's not working. Also, any recommendations for getting underarm odor out of clothing?
Health shops have aluminium free deodorants these I have found are very good. Once you have found a good one there should be no odour on clothing. Some fabrics absorb smells as well. Try a little baking soda in the last rinse when washing garment it is a great natural deodoriser. Dissolve the baking soda in water first though.

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