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What are some teen- young adult movies with sex, drugs and alcohol?
What the title reads. I'm looking for movies with like American Pie and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I'm looking for a movie with the sex/crude humor of American Pie, drugs and alcohol of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and the humor of IASIP but with teen-young adults. Any ideas?
Can't Hardly Wait
Road Trip
Euro Trip
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
She's All That
10 Things I Hate About You
Dazed and Confused
Requiem For A Dream
Scary Movie
Not Another Teen Movie
Detroit Rock City
What do YOU think is the average number of friends on Facebook for a teen/young adult?
What do you think the average number of friends is for teens/young adults in general?

Just wondering, I think 300-400? What about you?
I think between 200-400. It depends on whether they add everyone they've ever seen or met (like people at school they don't really know) or only add people they've actually spoken to. i've seen people with less than 100, and I've seen some with more than 1000. I guess it's a wide variety :)
What are some good teen or young adult books?
I've read the Twilight saga, Maximum Ride series, Vampire Academy series, the Clique series, the Christy Miller series, and some Sarah Dessen books. Any suggestion for action/romance books for teens/young adults?
Meg Cabot:
Avalon High 1, 2 and 3.
The Mediator series
The 1-800 series
How To Be Popular
All American Girl and it's sequel Ready Or Not?
Teen Idol
Nicola and The Viscount
Victoria and the Rogue
The Queen of Babble series
The Boy series

Laura Ruby:
Good Girls

Sarah Dessen:
Lock and Key
Keeping the Moon
Someone Like You
This Lullaby
That Summer

Carolyn Mackler:
Vegan Virgin Valentine
The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things
Love and Other 4 Letter Words

e Lockhart
The Boyfriend List
The Boy Book
Fly on The Wall
The disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks

John Green:
Looking For Alaska
An Abundance of Katherine's
Paper Towns
Let it snow

Sharon Dogar: Wave

Melissa Marr:
Wicked Lovely
Ink Exchange

Melissa De La Cruz:
Fresh Off the Boat
Blue Bloods
Angels on Sunset Boulevard
The Au Pairs series

Melissa Kantor:
If I have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's my Prince?
Not IT girl
The Break-up Bible

Maureen Johnson:
Suite Scarlett
The Key To the Golden Firebird
The Bermudez Triangle
Girl At Sea
Let it snow

Davida Wills Hurwin:
Circle the Soul Softly
A Time For Dancing
The Farther You Run

Dandi Daley Mackall:
Eva Underground
Crazy In Love

Lauren Myracle:
l8r g8r
Rhymes With Witches
Let It snow

Sarah Mlynowski:
The Bra's and Broomsticks series
As Seen On T.V
Monkey Business
Me VS Me
Milk Run

Sophie Kinsella:
Can You Keep A Secret?
Remember Me?
The Shopaholic series

Ann Brashares:
The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants series
The Last Summer (of you and me)

Libba Bray:
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Rebel Angels
The Sweet Far Thing

Zoey Dean:
The A-list Novels
How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls

Kate Brian:
Lucky T
The V Club
Princess and the Pauper
The Private series
Sweet 16
Megan Meade's guide to the McGowan boys

Natasha Friend:

Cecil Castellucci:
Queen of Cool
Boy Proof

Debbie Reed Fischer:
Braless in Wonderland

Gabrielle Zevin:
The Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

P.C Cast and Kirstin Cast:
Hunted ( being released January 2009)

You can Find out more info on these books at:

I hope this helps :)
What clothes are popular for young teen boy and young adult ?

Teens i would like to know what you think is popular and in fashion for young teen boy to young adult ? I normaly never follow fashion. I am just wondering. What footwear. What shirt what wintercoat :-)
if you want wintercoats and stuff... head over to A&F or Hollister asap. They have a sale on that stuff. Bought a jacket at A&F a few weeks ago for $200... and now its like $140... luckily I was able to price match. But yeah, for wintercoats and stuff, head over there. Footwear, thats really your style. What do you like? or if you want whats in... get some diesels, lacoste, guess, etc. that kind of style. you can use t shirts... as long as the print is cool, for that, you can use: a&f, hollister, ae, dkny, calvin klein, guess, etc. Try guess, they have tons of cool clothing. dress up shirts with jeans are cool. also t-shirts with a blazer, or a light sweater with a blazer.. tons of things you can do. Just remember to keep your own style! Hope this helped. Good Luck, and have fun.
Why do young teen girls want to get pregnant all the sudden like a fad?
14-17 year old girls are talking about their new pregnancy like it's a new flavour of lip gloss and seem so proud to be "in".

What's going on?

Is it the celebrity baby boom? Is it TV shows like Teen Mom? Is it because "everyone's doing it"?

Why are young teens so eager to have sex with other guys and get pregnant?
It's sad, for sure. But sometimes there's more to it than people think.
What are some of the best online shopping websites for teen/young womens' clothes?
List as many teen/young womens clothing websites as you can think of!
Metro Style, also get a 20% off coupon at www.007coupons.com/Apparel/Metros… to save some money
How does a young teen get started in acting?
How would a young teen get started in professional acting?
I'd find some little place that gives acting classes, nothing too serious, or else somehow take a course in school. Maybe get some acting books recommended to you or get an agent and start auditioning for commercials. Except for the books mostly, all of the above is what I did, and it seemed like a good way ot start out.
How can young teen girls earn money?
Many young teen girls wish to earn money, but can't work because of their age! Besides babysitting, are there any other ways teens can earn money without working at a public establishment?
-Dog walking
-Watering plants/checking mail for neighbors when they're away
-Ask your parents if they have anything they could pay you to do for them
-You're probably getting to old for this, but a lemonade/cookie stand
What are some good young teen books with Vampires OR Witches?
I do not really like young teen books with BOTH vampires and witches. I perfer one or the other.
I read all the time so maybe I can help ya out. I figure you would like other things like Fallen Angels, and wolves.

Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness (WiLL BE MORE BOOKS)
Fallen Novels: Fallen and Torment (WILL BE MORE BOOKS)
Wolves of Mercy Falls: Shiver and Linger (WILL BE MORE BOOKS)
Hush, Hush and Crescendo (Will BE MORE BOOKS)
House of night series, consists of 8 books at the moment (GREAT series)

If you would like to look at what they are about simply look them up on barnesandnoble.com
Is it okay for a young teen to do slimfast?
I am a young teen (13) is it okay if I do slimfast? I've been eating the snack bars but I would like to do the whole program. Ive heard it's safe
It's safe, but you're not going to get real results. You will find yourself hungry often. If you do go on the slim fast program you may see results, but once you stop they will come back on. I don't mean to break your spirit sweetie but I really don't recommend anything that has to deal with "Meal Bars' or "Meal Supplements" If you eat all lean for 4 days strait you will see results- that's a guarantee I promise. Good Luck!

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