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Where can a Transsexual Escort Visiting London Post Her AD?
I am a pre-op transsexual wondering where I can post my ad when I go to London for a tour. I am not looking to join an agency.
Um, one of my friends was in the trade and used escortblogs. But she mostly relied on word-of-mouth in certain circles in her home city; then she moved and had trouble finding trustworthy clients elsewhere. So really, no idea, but be safe.
I Performed oral on a Transsexual Escort. Am I gay?
Last night I met a transsexual escort who looked and acted exactly like a real woman. However, she had a penis and I performed oral sex on her for a few minutes before leaving.

I did NOT enjoy the experience at all and I extremely regret doing such a thing. All my life I've loved females only and this encounter fulfill a fantasy I had

Am I gay, or bisexual? The thought of being with another man repulses me but I was attracted to that transsexual person. I have nothing against gays at all by the way

Thanks for your input
(1) She's a woman, you're a man presumably. So you had yet another strait sexual encounter.

(2) Even if you had sex with a man, it still wouldn't make you gay by itself. People experiment all the time but it doesn't change who they are!
What does it mean if a person has sex with transsexual escort on the d-low?
no one noes but for the past 8 months i've been having sex with ts escorts, and am now trying to come into terms with it. i broke up with my g/f because i cheated on her with a transsexual, i've missed classes feel kinda ashamed my confidence and self esteem is @ -21 i'm confused i've been in therapy, no disrespect to any transsexuals, althought i may be using them for sex they are escort an i do pay them an am always respectful to them, they tell me that i'm nott gay act or sound gay becaus eof the acts we do, but i'm confused and need to come to terms with my behavior and stop any adivce or opinion
I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Really. It sounds so cliche, I know, but still... you only get to live once, so why waste it on caring about what other people think. Just do whatever YOU want to do. A great quote to remember is "stop worrying about yesterday... live and let live today, to create a better tomorrow". Good luck to you.
On average, who makes more money in the escort business, men or transsexual women?
I know there isn't any existing census for this, but would anyone know if the estimated average income in the escort business for transwomen is higher than men's or vice versa?

I know that transsexual porn actresses make more in the porn industry than male porn actors (whether they're gay/bi/pan/straight), which I was surprised to find out, as I always thought of gay male porn to be much more mainstream than transsexual porn.

So, does anyone here have any clue which of these escorts usually make more?
.Radgal is correct. Whoever in the hell gave her three thumbs down are idiots. The actor you see in porn, are not transsexual women, they are GAY actors who have been surgically altered so they can make more money in the porn business.
How and where can I meet a passable Transsexual in South Carolina?
I am a 50 year old man new to the South Carolina area. I know that there are a lot of websites out there where people can meet, but they are usually for pay. I am looking for genuine friendship, not an escort.
Because, what, a non-passable transsexual isn't worthy of your friendship? Even if I had an answer to this, I wouldn't give it to you. This is just plain insulting.
Should I go through with this? How? (Escort)?
So i'm scheduled to meet a pre-op transsexual escort on friday. I am 16 and a virgin. I lied about my age (said I was 19) and have a fake i.d.

i feel like i need to do this. its a huge fetish of mine, and i can't stop thinking about it. i want to be the "top" and i don't want her to give me the "girl friend experience" 'cuz that would be awkward. I just want to get it to her apartment, stick *it* in, pull *it* out, and get home. any tips? i dont know how this will go. oh god i'm nervous. i only scheduled an hour... is that too short? idk. please help
Just use protection okay? An hour is enough. Just tell that person that you are a virgin and would be awesome if they can teach you. Be your teacher.
But honey, this will be your first experience as you are a virgin. Don't you want it to be more special? Maybe with someone who is not an escort? It's like you will just be throwing it all in the garbage.
That person could be in HUGE trouble too if someone found out that you two had slept together because they had slept with a minor so be careful.
In my opinion I think you should wait till you found someone worthwhile but it's your life, your decision, just be safe and stay safe.
Good luck!!:)
Girlfriend wants to have threesome with a male to female transsexual?
Okay, this is kind of complicated. My current girlfriend is bisexual. VERY bisexual, and I don't have a problem with this as long as she doesn't fool around with other women.

Anyway, about a month ago she introduced me to pre op, male to female transsexual pornography. I have to admit, it's kinda hot. I like seeing them with guys and gals alike, and it really gets my girlfriend in the mood. I kinda told her that I wish I could see what intercourse with a m2f is like, during a hot part of a flick about a week ago, and I think that was a mistake.

The other day she showed me an escort site called eros, and said that she wants to pay one to have sex with the both of us. While the escort that she showed me is incredibly sexy, I don't think this is a good idea for the following reasons:

1. It's against the law, and I don't want myself or my girlfriend to be arrested.

2. I'm VERY nervous about getting an STD.

3. If I agree to this, I don't want it to get out of control... Meaning I don't want to start sleeping around with other people, and I don't want my girlfriend to do the same. I just want a 'normal' relationship with this girl, as it has been some time since I've felt these feelings for someone. The last thing I want to do is throw it away...

4. My girl has penetrated my anus with a strap on before, but it was pretty small... this escort she wants us to try is well hung, and I don't want to get hurt!

5. Watching transsexual pornography is one thing, but I don't know if I'm ready to have a bisexual experience. I won't lie, I guess I am a bit insecure, but I want to be careful.

I would really appreciate open and honest opinions. Please don't bash, as I really am asking for advice. Thanks in advance.
Just tell her that reality is reality and pornography is pornography.

Don't do something you don't want to do. And if she can't respect your boundaries, then you are better off to be alone or find someone who will respect your willing. Period.
Do you think having sex with a transsexual Prositute, makes you a ba d person.?
I feel really guilty does of this I had sex wit an escort and now in my mind I keep calling myself gay.but the only problem is I say I'm but I'm still attracted with women not men transsexuals was more like. A fantasy. What do you think an I do compelety belive it is possible to have sex with. A transsexual and not a man because I'm not thinkin this is my chace to sleep wit a man lol more like a women with somethin extra although this not the case note the word fantasy
1. Having sex with a woman who happens to be transsexual does not make you gay!!

2. You've said nothing here to make me feel you are a bad person. In general there are not many truly "bad people" in the world, mostly folks seem to be decent people with some bad traits. Is this one of your bad traits? Who knows. There's nothing inherently wrong about what you did, but some people who did what you did do do it out of some disrespect for the woman they hire. Like some johns go for transsexual women because they think she's some kinda exotic oddity, either by virtue of being a sex worker or being transsexual, and i don't think thats very respectful.

Its a complicated dynamic, being a john, but maybe i'll throw this out there -- in processing it all don't be afraid to ask yourself some tough questions about *why* that is a fantasy for you (its not because you're gay!). It also might help you understand it all to learn a little bit about low income transsexual women. There are many good introductory guides online via web search. If you have access to a larger library you might luck out and find a copy of "Screaming Queens" an excellent movie about a riot lead by mostly transsexual sex workers that kicked off the transgender rights movement in the United States! Without being academic, it explores the complex relationships between class, race, gender identity, and sex work.
I accidentally got head from a guy and kissed him , he was a transsexual does that make me gay?
Ok so I went on craigslist looking for a female escort to have sex with , I found one and I went to her apartment to have sex with her . she looked like a woman had breast and everything , so I went to the bedroom with her and she began to give me head , and Then we kissed , but when it was time for her to take her pants off, she wouldn't , I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was a man and had a penis , from that very instant I lost my erection pulled my pants up and was angry , I said then why were you on craigslist under the woman section , then she said in my profile it says that I am transsexual, I had not seen that on the profile , so I went out of her apartment and into my car angry and I went to a hotel nearby and as soon as i step out of the car I begin to throw up in disgust , I didn't know she was a he until after we had already kissed, does that make me gay if I didn't enjoy the kiss or the head, I felt awkward out of place , I am mad because there are transsexuals in this world that pose as women, thanks.
Transsexual women are regular women with birth defects. You didn't have sex with a man. You had sex with a woman who had the misfortune of being born with a penis. Seriously though, do you really expect to be satisfied with prostitutes?

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